• Players saw cryptic text on "Warzone" teasing arrival of "Call of Duty 2020"
  • A video was posted on Twitter with a message that reads, "Know your history"
  • Another video on YouTuber shows glitch message in Russian that translates to "Doomed to repeat it"
  • Activision sent mysterious crates to their partners 

Activision's promise to reveal “Call of Duty 2020” through “Warzone” is coming true as some players have reported seeing a glitch with a message pointing to the arrival of “Black Ops: Cold War.”

It's no secret that Activision is planning to integrate “Black Ops: Cold War” and “Warzone” just like the gaming community sees the latter and “Modern Warfare” as an interlocking game. But for what it's worth, the new CoD title has been making waves through a Doritos promotion, a mystery crate sent to its partners and this time, a cryptic text while playing “Warzone.”

A couple of players have seen the message in two forms: GnB podcaster @NutterButterAF posted a 16-second clip on Twitter where his screen suddenly encountered a glitch. It wasn't that long, but for prying eyes, it was enough to reveal a message that says, “Know your history.”

Call of Duty
Call of Duty Warzone

YouTuber Dr_Disappoint meanwhile shared a video on his channel that also had an interruption while climbing a ladder. The glitch was brief but this time, the message was in Russian. IGN said the text translates to “Doomed to repeat it.”

It's not entirely the ultimate teaser for “Call of Duty” fans who are waiting for a grand teaser from Activision, but the snippet says a ton for “Black Ops: Cold War.” It's been revealed that the upcoming game will be set in South Korea and Vietnam and that it will return to its roots with a “historical setting” to boot. Game Spot also pointed out that “Black Ops” is known for its “false memory” plots and “light sci-fi elements,” making the creepy message going the right direction.

Last week, Activision's “Call of Duty” partners received wooden crates from the publisher. Each crate has a serial number, a padlock and a note that advised them not to open the crate until 12 p.m. ET on Aug. 10.

“Call of Duty” insider Charlie Intel said that those who have received the crate will have to send a text on the aforementioned date in order for them to receive a code that they could use to unlock the crate. Treyarch Studios and Raven Software also took to Twitter and announced their partnership in developing the new “Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War” game.