Recently, Flaws were discovered in version of Adobe Systems Inc. flash Player that could enable an attacker to take control of an affected system or execute arbitrary code.

iDefense Labs researchers discovered the flow, an invalid object reference vulnerability in Flash Player that created an error when the player attempted to process Shockwave Flash files, the flaw could be exploited if a person browses to a website hosting malicious Shockwave Flash files, iDefense said.

To fix vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary codes and gain control of a computer Adobe Systems Inc. updated its popular Flash Player.

In an Adobe advisory statement, it was said that the update addresses five vulnerabilities in the player. Among the flaws is an input validation issue that could result in a denial-of-service attack. A potential clickjacking issue has also been patched as well as an issue with the Linux version of the Flash player that could result in privilege escalation

A patch was also released for Flash Player 9 to address users that cannot update to the latest version. Affected users should upgrade to version