Adrienne Bailon
Adrienne Bailon, pictured here at the 5th Annual Festival People En Espanol, Day 2 at the Jacob Javitz Center Oct. 16 in New York City, will stand by her man Israel Houghton no matter what. Getty Images/Craig Barritt

Adrienne Bailon, who is set to get married this month, can’t help but gush over her future husband Israel Houghton.

“The Real” host took to Instagram to share her thoughts about her husband-to-be. Posting a photo of a necklace with a letter H pendant, which was gifted to her by DJ Angie Martinez, Bailon talked about how her life changed, learning that Houghton was her perfect match.

“At some point you will realize that there is only one person whose name alone can make your day better,” Bailon said. “Only one person you look for when you enter a room. One person that makes you the best you. And when you realize that, your life will never be the same. [sic]”

Bailon’s profession of love for Grammy Award-winning Christian singer-songwriter Houghton comes a week after she told Martinez in an interview that she is not fazed by the controversies surrounding her relationship with Houghton.

“Being friends for a really long time is a great way to start a relationship,” Bailon said. “You can hear everything from their past and it doesn’t affect you the same way. So I’ve known everything about him and he knew everything about me, and it was like, ‘Dang, I still like you.’ That’s my best friend, so I’m really happy.”

The latest whirlwind that hit the couple’s relationship is an accusation that Houghton is not sending child support to children he fathered while he was still married to Meleasa Houghton. The singer’s lawyers refuted the rumors in a statement to Christian Post, saying: “The case and filing by the Texas State Attorney General has absolutely nothing to do with child support. Mr. Houghton has and continues to provide financial support for the children at issue.”

Bailon and Houghton got engaged in Paris two months ago. They started dating early this year.