The Affair season 2 episode 11
Max (Josh Stamberg, pictured) testifies against Noah and tries to help pin the murder of Scotty Lockhart on his friend on Season 2 episode 11 of Showtime's "The Affair." Showtime

Noah Solloway (Dominic West) makes a new enemy on Showtime's "The Affair," and it could cost him his freedom. As you'll recall, the writer is on trial for the murder of Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell), who was run over by a car the night of his brother Cole Lockhart's (Joshua Jackson) wedding.

In Season 2 episode 11, we see more of Noah's trial. The show begins with Cole testifying that Noah threatened to kill Scotty at his wedding. Cole claims the writer repeatedly punched his brother and started choking him. Cole doesn't mention why Scotty and Noah were fighting, but tells the court that he feared Noah would kill his younger sibling.

Noah's lawyer Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff), however, isn't buying it and asks Cole if he hates Noah. Jon then asks Cole what he feels when he looks at Noah, and Cole responds that he feels nothing. The lawyer thinks the trial is nothing more than an opportunity for Cole to get revenge on Noah for cheating with his now ex-wife Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson), and destroying the Lockhart family in his book "Descent."

Later in the episode, the prosecutor announces she has a surprise witness, and up walks Noah's best friend, Max (Josh Stamberg), to take the stand. Instead of Max defending Noah, he tells the court that he saw Noah the night Scotty died.

Max goes into detail, saying he was asleep in his vacation home when a car pulled into his driveway. Max says it was Noah and thought maybe his friend was stopping by for a drink. Max says instead Noah got out of the car, grabbed a water hose and cleaned the front of his vehicle off before backing out of the driveway and leaving. Upon further investigation, Max says he found blood in his driveway where Noah's car had just been parked.

Also during the episode, we get to see Cole's and Noah's narratives and find out more details about the weeks leading up to the big murder.

Cole's Narrative

Cole's point of view starts with him and Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) on their way to meet his mom, Cherry (Mare Winningham). It's been a long time since Cole has seen his family and Luisa is worried that Cherry won't like her.

On their way, Luisa gets a phone call from one of the workers at the restaurant she manages and Cole pulls over so she can talk. Ironically, he stops at the Lobster Roll, which looks like it's been abandoned for quite some time. The diner is run-down and there's a foreclosure sign taped to the front door. As recapped, Scotty has been desperately trying to get Cole and Alison (or anyone, for that matter) to go into business with him so he can buy the Lobster Roll and turn it into a nightclub.

Anyway, Cole takes a look around the abandoned Lobster Roll and we can tell his wheels are turning. Cole and Luisa continue on their way but decide to stay the night in a hotel. The next morning, Luisa asks the hotel’s housekeeper for more soap and it turns out the maid is Cherry.

Cole is completely shocked to see that his mom is working at a hotel, and doesn't seem to know what to say to her. Later, he and Luisa meet at her house to discuss wedding plans. As they're getting ready to head out, Scotty appears and looks a mess. He starts blabbing about a meeting he's going to the next day with his investor, who's going to give him the rest of the money he needs to buy the Lobster Roll. Cole tells his brother to take the money he saved up and go to rehab. This angers Scotty.

Later, Cole and Luisa are at the beach talking about wedding locations and Cole suggests they have the ceremony at the Lobster Roll. He tells his fiancee that he wants to buy the diner and turn into a restaurant. He also tells her he wants his ex-wife Alison to be his business partner. Luisa doesn't really like the idea, but agrees to it.

Cole and Alison are eventually awarded the diner at an auction and Scotty, who pops up after the auction is over, seems excited. He thinks Cole and Alison bought it so they could all go into business together, but Cole shuts him down saying that he doesn't want to partner with Scotty on the deal.

Scotty angrily accuses them of stealing his idea and threatens to expose a secret about Alison that could "blow up" Cole's life. Scotty makes it clear he wants to be a part of the deal, and Cole shoves him to the ground. When Cole realizes his brother is crying, he tells Scotty that if he goes to rehab he can be business partners with him and Alison.

Scotty agrees to seek help, but never tells Cole the secret he supposedly knows about Alison.

Noah's Narrative

Noah is struggling to finish his second book. His office has been relocated to the bathroom because the room he was in is now his daughter Joanie's nursery. Noah seems distracted and too preoccupied to pay attention to his family and brushes off Alison when she tells him she needs to talk to him about something important. Noah tells her he's too busy and he has a meeting with his publisher, Harry (Stephen Kunken).

During the meeting, Harry tells Noah he wants him to hurry and put out another book. Noah explains he's having trouble working on it and Harry suggests Noah takes a trip somewhere so he can work. Noah says he can't and explains that he has his four older kids to take care of and Alison is trying to finish medical school. Noah doesn't know yet that she already quit school.

Instead, Harry suggests that Noah write a sequel to "Descent" about what happened to the main character, Daniel Taper, after he killed Lana. Noah doesn't want to write a sequel, but Harry presses him to consider it.

After Noah's meeting with his publisher, he tries to make it up to Alison by stopping by her classroom. She was supposed to have a final that day, but he finds out from the professor that she dropped the class over a month ago.

Noah is aggravated she never told him and wants to know what she's been up to if she hasn't been in class. Noah soon gets his answer when Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein) sends him a text message. In the message is a photo of Alison and Cole at the auction to buy the Lobster Roll.

Noah meets Oscar at a bar and Oscar drops a few bombshells about Alison: Her "wounded bird thing" is all an act. “It wasn’t Gabriel’s death that broke her heart," Oscar tells a stunned Noah. "She. Never. F------. Had. One."

Noah is clearly disturbed by Oscar's comments about Alison and heads to Max's house to vent. However, their meet-up doesn't go well at all. Max accuses Noah of reaching out to him only when something’s wrong, and tells Noah he needs to start being a better friend.

As Noah is telling Max about Alison being secretive and lying to him, Max bluntly reminds him that his relationship with her started as an affair. Max tells him he can always go back to Helen because she still loves him, but Noah tells Max about Helen's new boyfriend.

When Max starts asking too many questions about Helen's new beau, Noah realizes his friend and Helen slept together. Max explains that he's always loved Helen and when they divorced he thought it was his time to pursue her. Max goes on to say he wasn't good enough for Helen and she still wanted Noah back after everything he put her through.

Max wants to know what Noah has that he doesn't and Noah fires back, accusing his friend of being jealous of him. Noah then throws a low blow and tells Max the reason people always leave him is because he thinks he can buy people with his money, and without his wealth he's "f------ nothing."

Noah storms out and as he's driving he pictures Alison crossing the street. Noah speeds up his car as if he's going to run her over, but right before impact his cell phone rings snapping him back to reality. It's Alison calling.

He meets her at the Lobster Roll, where she tells him that no matter what he thinks, she's going to go into business with Cole. She also apologizes for not telling him she quit school. In the end, Noah agrees to let Alison and Cole go into business together even though he hates the idea of them being around each other.