Investigations by the New York Times and the New Yorker revealing decades of accusations of sexual assault and harassment by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein led him to be ostracized and fired from his job. Some of the women who have accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment wonder why he hasn't seen the same downfall.

“My pain is everyday with bastard Trump as President. No one gets it unless it happens to them. NO one!” tweeted Jill Harth earlier this month. She worked with Trump on beauty pageants and has accused him of groping her and trying to touch her sexually against her will.

Jessica Leeds told the New York Times last year before the election that Trump had assaulted her on an airplane thirty years ago. She said that he began groping her in a first-class cabin even though the two had never met. Now, she wonders why nothing has stuck to the president.

“It is hard to reconcile that Harvey Weinstein could be brought down with this, and Trump just continues to be the Teflon Don,” said Leeds to the Washington Post, Sunday.

Cathy Heller accused Trump of forcibly kissing her on the mouth at Mar-a-Lago in 1997 last year to the Guardian. She wonders if the celebrity status of Weinstein’s accusers helped the claims get recognition.

“A lot of them were actresses we’ve all heard of,” said Heller to the Washington Post. “When it’s a celebrity, it has more weight than just someone who he met at Mar-a-Lago or a beauty pageant contestant. They’re not people we’ve heard of. And that, in our society, has much more weight because they’re famous.”

Heller came out with accusations after the behind-the-scenes video of Trump on the show “Access Hollywood” came out last year. On the tape, Trump could be heard bragging about grabbing whatever woman he wanted because he was famous.

Trump, during one of the presidential candidate debates, denied ever doing what he bragged about on the video and has called the women who have accused him of assault or harassment “horrible, horrible liars.”

Trump also attacked the attractiveness go some of his accusers.

“Believe me: She would not be my first choice. That I can tell you,” Trump said of Leeds last year.

Trump’s vigorous attacks against his accusers have led to a lawsuit in New York.

Summer Zervos, who claimed that Trump had groped her and kissed her aggressively during a 2007 meeting is suing Trump for defamation for calling his accusers “liars.”

Trump was dismissive about the case in a press conference this week.

“It’s fake. It’s made-up stuff, and it’s disgraceful, what happens, but that happens in the — that happens in the world of politics,” said Trump.

The next brief for the case is due Oct. 31, after that, a judge will determine if the case has enough merit to go forward.