“Marvel’s Agent Carter” takes place in the past, but the future is still unclear. The ABC drama has not been renewed for Season 3 yet, and low ratings make it seem like the end is near. However, star Hayley Atwell says that the show’s fate is still unknown.

While discussing the Season 2 finale, which aired March 1, Atwell was quick to point out that she wasn’t sure that the series would get another shot. However, the last episode of “Agent Carter” did plant some seeds for Season 3 with that mysterious file on Peggy. “It basically gives us our core for Season 3 if we were to go to a Season 3,” she explained to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s really amazing, but I don’t want to get too excited about it in case we don’t get picked up again, so I can’t really say anything.”

Fans were worried when Atwell was cast in the new drama “Conviction,” but it seems that ABC will work out the schedules so that the actress doesn’t have to choose. The legal drama also still hasn’t been picked up for a first season yet, so Atwell is waiting on two decisions from ABC. “There is a chance, from what I know, if both shows get picked up, I'll be doing both,” Atwell revealed to Comic Book Resources. “Until I know one way or the other, I can't jump for joy or grieve.”

It seems that Atwell would love to play Peggy for as long as possible. She explained to IGN that she is with the show for the long haul, should the network decide to bring it back. Yet with ratings nearly half of what they were last season, she knows that might not happen.

“This industry depends upon ratings and if the audiences aren’t there, the shows don’t get put on,” she explained. “Despite the fact that we have a whole creative team here who love our show so much, who love doing and we’d do it for the rest of our lives if we could and if people were interested enough. That’s not for us to say. That’s for the networks to decide based on what they feel their audience want. So I will deal with it graciously if and when it happens.”

If audiences are lucky enough to get a third season, they’ll see Peggy disturbed by what’s in that file. “It changes what Peggy’s about to experience,” Atwell teased to EW. “Things are not what they seem. It involves ghosts from her past, and things that she’s put to bed that she thought were over, but they’re not. It’s really terrifying and scary. It will change her view of the world.”

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