“Marvel’s Agent Carter” was not renewed for Season 3, but that isn’t stopping star Hayley Atwell from revealing what was supposed to play out. The Peggy Carter actress dropped some hints about what would’ve happened had ABC renewed the drama.

“I think they wanted to end the season on a cliffhanger where we weren’t completely sure if Agent Thompson died or if he was just injured,” IGN quoted Atwell as saying at Fan Expo Dallas (formerly known as Dallas Comic Con) over the weekend. “I think that was a decision the writers were going to make once they knew whether or not they were going to go into a third season.”

Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) was shot in the last moments of the Season 2 finale by a mystery person. The shooter also took a file Thompson had, marked “M. Carter.” Although fans believed it stood for Margaret, Peggy’s given name, it apparently referred to somebody else.

“I was told that it doesn’t stand for Margaret Carter. For Peggy,” Atwell teased. “So that’s very exciting. And I was told who it does stand for and the whole Season 3 would have certainly been peppered with this identity of ‘M. Carter’ and it very much links to my past. So we would have seen more flashbacks to where she came from.”

Who could M. Carter be? Season 2 introduced Peggy’s older brother Michael, who supposedly died just before she was set to get married. He is her only sibling mentioned, which many fans found odd. Sharon Carter is supposed to be Peggy’s niece, so Peggy has to have a living sibling. Could this be the link fans were looking for? They’ll have to hope that the show finds a way back on the air so the answers these questions can be revealed.

“I was speaking to the writers last night, and we all love the show so much that we’d be happy to pursue it on a different network,” Atwell said. “There’s still so much to tell, not the least of which is how Agent Carter starts SHIELD.”

Viewers are trying to help make that happen. The Save Agent Carter campaign has been going strong since news of the drama’s cancellation broke last month. Fans began a Change.org petition requesting that Netflix pick up the show. Considering the streaming-video company’s original hits include “Marvel’s Daredevil” and “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” it knows the Marvel fan base is there. The plea has more than 119,000 signatures, with its backers seeking to secure 150,000 before sending it to Netflix.

Other cast members also support the idea of another network making “Agent Carter” Season 3. Dominic Cooper, who played Howard Stark, said he and other cast members would love to revisit their characters in the event somebody decided to pick up the show. “I’d be well up for doing more Howard Stark, and I know they’d be up for doing more of their characters as well, so fingers crossed,” he said at MCM London Comic Con last month.