The “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 3 finale was not short on jaw-dropping moments. Episodes 21 and 22 showed the team going after Hive, and the mission wasn’t easy. Not everyone made it out alive.

1. Maveth Returns — The episode starts with Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Daisy (Chloe Bennet) in a module on Maveth. Coulson says Daisy always finds a way to survive. Daisy says she didn’t realize everyone was going to go. She wants to hack into the module and pilot them home. Coulson says they’re already home. It was just a dream, though. Daisy wakes up in S.H.I.E.L.D. and she looks miserable.

2. Invading Hive’s Island — Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and Elena (Natalia Cordova-Buckley), also known as Yo-Yo, are going on a mission with Mack (Henry Simmons) and May (Ming-Na Wen). Mack has a kill switch for both the Inhumans, just incase they fall under Hive’s (Brett Dalton) control. They avoid Hive’s radar by using the quinjet as a submarine. Hive realizes S.H.I.E.L.D. is there when they override the commands on his warhead. They can’t just leave yet, though. They have hostages to save.

3. Daisy’s Depression — Daisy isn’t asking anyone for forgiveness, but that doesn’t stop her colleagues from sympathizing. Coulson says that no one blames her for what happened, but Daisy says she deserves it. She needs to stay in this cell forever, and he shouldn’t try to convince her otherwise.

“You were brainwashed,” Coulson reasons.

“So was Ward,” Daisy points out. “We make the perfect pair.”

Coulson says she is going through withdrawal. Daisy wants to feel her pain until she finds Hive. Coulson says vengeance will only break her more. She tells Coulson to bring her his memory machine to keep everything she did at the front of her mind. Coulson says the memory machine is for someone else.

4. Hive Confronts Lincoln— Hive offers the electrifying Inhuman a chance at survival, but Lincoln runs. He is leads the alien into a trap. Mack and Elena have set up something that plays with Hive’s mind. It hurts, but it won’t kill him. While Hive is distracted, Elena grabs the hostages and May saves Radcliffe (John Hannah). They leave Hive convulsing on the floor.

When Giyera (Mark Dacascos) and Hellfire (Axle Whitehead) find him, Hive is repeating things that his past hosts have said. Suddenly, he decides they need to disconnect the warhead “for absolution.”

5. Hive Is Captured — May sees Giyera taking the warhead, but he forgot to grab his leader. When Hive comes out to stop the good guys, he is too weak. They’re able to trap him in a small cell in stasis gel.

6. Lincoln Quits — Coulson is happy with what Lincoln accomplished on this mission and offers him a permanent spot on the team. Lincoln says he isn’t sure he wants to be an agent. He says he isn’t a real hero, and he’ll be out as soon as Hive is taken care of. Coulson asks what he’ll do about Daisy. “There is nothing I have to offer Daisy that she wants or needs,” Lincoln says.

7. Mack Forgives Daisy — Mack is always cautious of Inhumans, but he knows Daisy. He goes to forgive her. On Mack’s way to see Daisy, he drops Elena’s necklace.

He goes into the module, breaking protocol, to tell Daisy about Hive’s capture. She tells him to leave for his own safety. “I forgive you,” Mack says.

Mack pulls her in for a hug, and Daisy tries to push herself away. She eventually gives in. “I don’t deserve it,” she cries.

8. Fitz and Simmons Plan A Vacation — Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) finds Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) booking a trip to the Seychelles Islands. Fitz is surprised that Simmons is doing something romantic. They’re not free yet, though. Fitz has to sign off on a few things to keep Hive. He puts on a S.H.I.E.L.D. jacket and picks up Elena’s necklace to give back to her on his way.

9. S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ Invaded — Coulson seals the base off to stay safe. The hangar door isn’t closed yet, though. O’Brien (Derek Philips) tells Fitz that the engineers are still installing parts. Fitz realizes one of the packages of parts is suspicious. It suddenly explodes and releases a mist that turns O’Brien into a Primitive, one of Hive’s minions.

Simmons saves Fitz and one random agent, but a bunch of other agents and guards become Primitives. The team watches from the security camera as they break Hive free.

10. Hive’s Knowledge — Daisy told Hive everything, including the Zephyr plans. He knows that the plane could help launch a warhead.

11. Daisy vs. Hive — Daisy can see the security feed on her screen. She easily hacks into her cell’s computer and puts her containment module straight into the Zephyr. She confronts Hive and asks if he understands what he did to her. He says he knows she was in pain. She gets on her knees. “Please, take me back,” she says.

Hive tries to control her again, and he realizes he can’t. Daisy is immune to Hive’s powers after Lash (Matthew Willig) saved her. She starts to shake the whole plane and throws Hive back.

Daisy and Hive face off in a pretty epic fight. It’s the first time we’ve seen Daisy use her powers in a hand-to-hand combat fight like this. Eventually, Daisy gets a knife to attack him. “I don’t want you to die, I want you to suffer,” she says as she stabs him. It doesn’t affect him, so she cracks a few bones with her powers. Still, Hive overpowers her and knocks her out.

Giyera and Hellfire come in, and put Daisy in her containment module on the plane with them. He says Daisy being with them will keep S.H.I.E.L.D. from shooting the plane down.

12. Yo-Yo Gets Shot — The Primitives get into the base through the vent, and the agents have to run. One shoots Mack point blank, but he isn’t hurt. He turns around to find Yo-Yo shot. He tries to run her to the medical ward, but Coulson, Lincoln and Radcliffe are coming from that direction with Primitives behind them.

Yo-Yo is bleeding out. She tells Mack to be the one who holds a flame to her stomach to cauterize the wound. They manage to stabilize her while Simmons figures out that the Primitaves see in infared. By turning up the heat, she manages to blind them.

13. Fitz Kills Giyera — May and Fitz found a way to hide in the bottom of the Zephyr. They try to get Daisy out when it’s safe to come up. Daisy doesn’t want to come out, but May says Daisy should balance the scales and do some good. She tries to give Daisy a pep talk, but Giyera interrupts by knocking her out. Fitz claims he has a weapon that could kill everyone on the plane. Fitz pulls out an invisible gun and shoots Giyera.

14. Coulson’s Hologram — Coulson says he is taking the quinjet to intercept the Zephyr on his own. He isn’t losing any other team members today. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that infiltrated Hive’s plan hear the quinjet dock and know it’s their team. Daisy finds Yo-Yo’s cross in the jacket Fitz gave her at that moment and decides she must be the one who dies in her vision.

Hive immediately faces off with Coulson. The director says he helped Hive do this when he killed Ward, so he is willing to do anything to stop him. Hive isn’t intimidated and says he wants to take Coulson’s body. He reveals his true, tentacle-filled face. Hive tries to tackle Coulson, but the director is actually a hologram.

15. Lincoln’s Injury — Lincoln, Simmons and Mack hid themselves on Coulson’s flight. Lincoln fights Hellfire, but he gets a dangerous injury that might kill him. Daisy apologizes to him and says she never meant to turn against him. Lincoln says he never visited her in his cell because he knew what she was going through during withdrawal.

Daisy asks if she ruined their relationship. He says they need to work on themselves before they talk about their romance. Lincoln says that he understands her. “I know what it’s like to be so addicted to something that you’d do anything to get her back,” Lincoln says.

16. Daisy Wants to Die — The warhead is already on a timer. It can’t be stopped. If the quinjet takes the warhead, it can be remotely set to go to space. Daisy explains that, and Lincoln remembers her vision. “You said you can’t live with what you’ve done, but you have to, okay?” he says. He asks her to promise that she won’t sacrifice herself.

When the team realizes Daisy is already gone, they can’t go right after her. They have to fight the Primitives (and Mack brought an axe-gun to help). By the time they’re safe, Daisy has already loaded the warhead onto the quinjet. She didn’t account for Hive coming onto the plane though.

17. Lincoln’s Sacrifice — Hive says that between Ward and Will’s memories, he can manually override the quinjets remote controls. “That’s why I had to come,” Lincoln says from the pilot’s chair. “I shorted the manual controls.”

The plane launching pushes Daisy out the door, but Lincoln shuts it before Hive can escape. Lincoln believes he is the only one who can do this. Lincoln even stole Yo-Yo’s necklace from her to make sure he is the one in her vision of the future.

Lincoln talks to Daisy on the communications system, and she is devastated. “Saving the girl I love and the world at the same time feels pretty right to me,” Lincoln says.

Daisy says he can’t do this. Lincoln didn’t think he could either, but he is. He realizes there is a lot left unsaid, but he managed to get one thing in earlier. “A moment ago, it’s the first time I said I love—” The comm system cuts out. He is too far up.

Coulson says they can’t do anything, and Lincoln didn’t want them too. “He’s paying for all our mistakes,” Coulson says.

Hive accepts his death with Lincoln. The two watch the earth. Hive says he only wanted to make it better and feel a connection. He realizes Lincoln already felt that.

Viewers see the shot from Daisy’s vision just before the quinjet disappears from Mack’s radar, indicating that the warhead went off.

18. Six Month Later – Suddenly, viewers see a flash-forward. Coulson is on a stakeout with Mack in a hotel room. Newspaper clippings talk about earthquakes. Coulson has a feeling that “today’s the day.” He sees a mother and her small daughter.

The mother thanks Daisy, who is dressed in goth gear, for a generous amount of money. It’s the family of the man who gave her a vision of the future. Daisy gives the girl the wooden bird her dad carved.

Coulson and Mack pull up as soon as she leaves. Daisy goes into an alley and uses her powers to elevate herself to the roof. Coulson orders his agents to seal the perimeter, but he knows they won’t catch her. “Call the director,” Coulson tells Mack, implying that someone else has his job.

19. New Technology — The final scene is Dr. Radcliffe is in a high tech office. It was his last day of hearings, and he pretty much got away without anything too serious. He is excited to launch a new project, labeled LMD Phase 1.

“Aida, it’s your birthday,” he tells his computer’s voice. The outline of a body appears behind glass.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will return in the fall at a new time, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.