A passenger hit a Spirit airlines employee in the face after the latter tried to stop him from boarding the flight to Denver.

A video of the incident posted on Twitter by a fellow passenger showed the employee warning the man that he would not be allowed to enter the flight.

“You’re not getting on the flight. You’re not getting on the flight” the employee tells the man. The passenger responds by saying, “Yes I am getting on the flight.”

The employee then says “Ok, we’ll see,” before trying to stop the passenger from boarding the flight by grabbing him. The irate passenger then turns around and hits the employee in the face while shouting “Get your hands off of me!”

Gasps could be heard from the fellow passengers and employees who were shocked by the entire incident. The passenger was able to continue his flight.

The co-passenger, who posted the video, said the employee was being aggressive.

When asked about what exactly the employee said, the Twitter user replied, “He told the whole line WHAT YALL DONT LISTEN because everyone was asked to switch lines but the line was so long not everyone heard them say that and the man that punched the worker told the man who are you talking to like that and then the airline guy just started picking at him.”

Some Twitter users agreed with her and said it was the employee’s mistake.

“Does the airline guy have the right - legally speaking - to physically restrain the passenger? If not, then I believe the airline worker has committed assault by laying hand on the passenger,” wrote one user.

Some also felt it was a security risk.

“He assaulted an employee and then proceeded to board a plane after being denied boarding, a rather large security risk,” another user commented.

spirit airlines A Spirit Airlines airplane sits at a gate at the O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois, Oct. 2, 2014. Photo: REUTERS/Jim Young