• Apple has removed non-Apple headphones and speakers from its stores, a report revealed
  • This could be in preparation for the arrival of the company's new AirPods Studio headphones
  • It could also be in preparation for the release of the rumored HomePod Mini

Apple fans who are waiting for the company to release its oft-rumored high-end pair of over-ear wireless headphones might soon be able to get their hands on it, if some reports prove accurate.

Previous reports indicated that Apple has been working on a premium pair of over-ear headphones called the AirPods Studio. The new device is said to noise cancellation as well as other new technologies designed to give the company's fans the best audio experience they can get from Apple.

While Apple hasn't unveiled the device yet, a report from Bloomberg seems to indicate that the company is preparing to launch the device really soon. According to the report, the Cupertino tech giant has removed headphones and speakers from other brands from its online and physical stores. These include products from brands such as Bose, Logitech and Sonos.

The Cupertino tech giant is said to have removed the said products from its online stores around the end of September. It is also said to have told its employees to remove the said products from its physical store shelves as well.

Apple's move can be easily seen as a preparation for the unveiling, and eventual sale, of new products in the audio category. These products include the highly anticipated AirPods Studio, as mentioned above, and a new, cheaper version of the expensive HomePods smart home speaker.

AirPods Studio

Previous reports indicated that the AirPods Studio will be an expensive audio accessory. Leaks put the price at about $349, but fans can expect Apple to more than make up for the cost of buying one.

According to earlier reports, the new headphones will feature premium materials, such as leather as well as HomePod mesh, and will have replaceable parts. Users will be able to change ear pads and headband padding as they please so.

Additionally, the device will also boast technologies meant to improve comfort and convenience. Aside from noise cancellation, it will also offer ear detection, for example. With this feature, users won't have to make sure that their left ear is placed inside the left earcup, because the device will identify the ears inside the earcups and adjust stereo output accordingly.

That said, fans are advised to wait for Apple's Event on Oct. 13. The AirPods Studio might be announced there.

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