• A new report reveals more details about Apple's upcoming premium headphones
  • The new AirPods Studio are believed to feature ear and neck sensors
  • These sensors are meant to make the AirPods Studio offer more convenience to users

A new report reveals more details about Apple's upcoming high-end wireless over-ear headphones, indicating that it will be designed to perform with convenience in mind.

According to a new report from 9To5Mac, Apple's upcoming AirPods Studio will feature ear and neck detection. While ear detection was included in a prior report regarding the said premium headphones, the new report explains how it works in detail and also talks about the other feature, neck detection.

Ear Detection

The AirPods Studio is believed to have what the AirPods and AirPods Pro features, only in a different form. One of these is called ear detection – the device's ability to sense if it is worn in the ears so that it can respond accordingly. The ear detection feature means that the AirPods Studio will automatically pause the music being played when it is taken off the user's ears.

Aside from that, the AirPods Studio is said to feature sensors that will detect whether a user's left or right ear is inside either earcup. The device will then route audio channels accordingly: left-channel audio to the left ear, and right-channel audio to the right.

This means users won't have to worry about wearing the AirPods Studio the right way. This is different from how other headphones are designed, because other headphones have fixed left and right channels.

Neck Detection

Aside from being able to detect whether it is worn on the head or what ear is inside each earcup, the AirPods Studio is also said to feature sensors that will detect whether it is worn on the neck.

This feature is meant to tell the device to stay on, with the music paused, after the user takes it off his head and places them on his neck. It's like taking only one AirPod off to pause the music to talk to someone or listen to something.

These new features indicate that Apple is preparing to release the best headphones it has ever released. That's worth noting because if previous leaks are true, the AirPods Studio will not be cheap. Noted tipster Jon Prosser claims they'll cost about $349, which means they're more expensive than other offerings, including those from Sony, Bose and Microsoft.

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