• Alana Thompson slammed body shamers in her Teen Vogue interview
  • The reality star also said she’s no longer that little Honey Boo Boo
  • Mama June’s daughter shared she wants to be a nurse in the future

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has sent a strong message against body shaming in her new interview, saying she will never understand how some just like to comment on other people’s weight and figure.

The “Mama June: From Not to Hot” star, 15, recently did a photoshoot and sat down with Teen Vogue for the magazine’s latest feature story. During her conversation with interviewer Rainesford Stauffer, Thompson addressed those who like to criticize her for her weight.

“Just because I got a little bit of extra meat on my bones, you want to hate me? I’ll never get body shaming,” said Thompson, who has been doing reality TV shows since she was 6 years old.

The former “Toddlers and Tiaras” star also opined that her generation could be making this concept of body shaming worse by being selective of which body type they approve of.

“I feel like my generation is probably making it worse,” she told Stauffer. “Everybody’s all about body positivity, body positivity, until they see a body they don’t like… I don’t understand why [they] think this way.”

As for her image as a TV personality, Thompson made it clear that she’s so far from that “boisterous little girl” her fans saw on her former reality shows. She even clarified that she’s no longer Honey Boo Boo, and she’s not holding on to that image anymore as a high schooler.

“My mama did not name me Honey Boo Boo. My name is Alana. They are completely two different people. … I guess people still expect me to be little Honey Boo Boo, and I’m not anymore,” she said.

“Just because I’m from the South, people expect me to be all country bumpkin, out riding four wheelers all the time, but that’s not really how it is,” she added.

Thompson also shared in the interview her aspirations outside of her reality TV career, saying that she dreams of becoming a nurse someday after graduating college.

It can be noted that when Thompson’s sister and current guardian Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon-Efird, 21, did an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight in April as part of the promotions for the fifth season of their family’s reality series, the latter also shared that she wants to be a “nurse at a hospital” in the future.

At the time, Shannon-Efird also admitted that she was “honestly” thinking of saying goodbye to reality TV due to the difficulty of living a normal life when production on their show is ongoing.

As of late, We TV has yet to announce the renewal of “Mama June: From Not to Hot” for Season 6. But Mama June has already claimed on social media that she and her family “will be back” and that they are “not going anywhere.” She also teased “a couple of big projects” that will be revealed “very, very soon.”

Alana and Mama June
Pictured: Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson and Mama June Shannon attending “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 premiere party at Woodruff Arts Center in Georgia on Jan. 9, 2018. Paras Griffin/Getty Images