Get ready to be truly terrified of aliens when Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi movie, “Alien: Covenant,” hits theatres in less than three months. A four-minute sneak peek video was released during the premiere of a new episode of FX’s “Legion” Wednesday night. It shows the whole crew of a colony ship named Covenant traveling to a remote planet in the galaxy that is touted to be an uncharted paradise.

Of course, fans of Scott’s numerous films on extra-terrestrials know all too well that nothing is what it seems. This upcoming movie is sequel to the 2012 blockbuster hit “Prometheus.” The events in “Alien: Covenant” unfold somewhere after the events of its prequel and before the Nostromo attempted to return to Earth in 1979’s smash hit “Alien.”

Here are four spoilers we learned from the video:

1. James Franco Plays The Captain Of Covenant

When a picture of the crew aboard the Covenant was released on Twitter, it confirmed a rumor that the “127 Hours” actor was a part of the cast. However, it was unknown what role Franco was playing in the film. The video clearly shows that Franco’s character is a man named Jake and he is the Captain of the ill-fated ship.

A worrisome part of the trailer reveals that the Captain is feeling sick. He’s burning up. Hence, he avoids attending a party thrown by his crew in order to get some much needed rest. Is the Captain simply sick or is something making him ill?

2. The Crew Goes In A Cryogenic Sleep

The Covenant crew has sacrificed a lot to be on this mission. Before being put to a cryogenic sleep, they celebrate. Daniels (Katherine Waterston) even gives an impassioned speech in place of the sick Captain.

3. Walter Looks As Suspicious As David

Dutiful android Walter (Michael Fassbender) check Daniels’ health before the festivities begin. Even when one woman chokes, he saves her with a hard smack on the back. Yes, he seems like the perfect robot but so did David in “Prometheus.”

4. This Is The First Scale Large Colonization Mission

Covenant is no small ship and they have grand plans. Good luck!

Director Scott told Entertainment Weekly that “Alien: Covenant” will provide some answers to fans who have been eagerly watching the Alien franchise.

“Alien: Covenant” hits theatres on May 19.