• Season 1 finale revealed Nam-Ra's new abilities as a half-zombie
  • Park Lomon echoed Director Lee's thoughts on how Season 2 might unfold
  • He said his character might carry the guilt of failing to protect Nam-Ra in the first season

“All Of Us Are Dead” actor Park Lomon recently dished out the plans of Director Lee Jae-Kyu should the smash zombie hit return to Netflix for Season 2.

Lomon recalled Director Lee saying that the second season would follow the story of three groups: regular people, the immortal zombies and those who are immune to the virus, he said in an interview with Korean news outlet Newsen as shared by Soompi.

The final episode of the 12-episode horror drama leaves room for many possibilities in terms of plot twists following the bombing of key institutions in the entire city of Hyosan in order to eradicate zombies. Four months after they have been quarantined in a military-led camp, teen survivors On Jo (Park Ji-Hoo) and Su Hyeok (Park Lomon) lead a courageous return to Hyosan high school after On Jo saw a bonfire one night during her visit to a makeshift graveyard for residents who turned into zombies. The group of six high school students: On Jo, Su Hyeok, Hyo Ryung, Dae Su, Jang Ha Ri and Park Mi-Jin sneak out of the camp one night and troop to the rooftop of the school hoping to find their friend Nam-Ra who had turned into a half-zombie before their arrival to the quarantine camp.

Nam-Ra later arrives at the rooftop and tells the crew that there are others who are like her. She assures the survivors that they are friends even though they are not together before jumping off the rooftop as she hears the other half-humans closing in on the school.

Should there be a second season, Lomon told the outlet that his character Su Hyeok might take the side of Nam Ra out of guilt for failing to protect her from being bitten by Gwi-Nam, who had turned into a half-zombie on the first half of the series.

“If Season 2 is made, I think Su Hyeok will be on Nam Ra’s side. I think he feels guilty about not protecting Nam Ra. I’ve imagined that the bad zombies and half-zombie groups get divided and fight,” he said.

Close on the heels of the 2021 Korean smash hit, "Squid Game," "All Of Us Are Dead" is one of Netflix's biggest releases this year.

A fan tweeted a behind-the-scenes look at the drama showing the cast enjoying each other's company on set. The tweet read, "all of us are dead: home — thank you to the fandom, cast, and team."

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