An Arizona man thought he was going in for a job interview but ended up getting arrested for alleged bank theft. Alberto Saavedra Lopez, 32, was booked in Cottonwood, Arizona on Jan. 4 after he tried to join the police force that was looking for him since 2016, KSAZ-10 reported.



The Cottonwood Police Department explained the incident in detail on its Facebook page Tuesday. In 2016, Lopez reportedly worked for Bank of America. The company accused him of stealing $5,000 between July and September of that year, but before authorities could speak to him about it, he quit his job and moved to Phoenix. He reportedly would not answer any phone calls or make any appointments related to the alleged theft.

In December 2017, however, Lopez applied for a job at the Cottonwood Police Department. According to their statement, Cottonwood police arranged a job interview with him because they had probable cause for his arrest. As soon as he showed up, he was told he was under arrest for felony theft. 

If convicted of stealing $5,000 from Bank of America, Lopez could face up to almost nine years in prison along with heavy fines.