One of the many frustrations players experienced when playing a new title is getting stuck on a certain level. A recent discovery of a Sony patent filing, however, could ultimately remove this frustration and could even offer gamers the ultimate cheat that they need to complete the game. Rumors have it that the PlayStation Assist system applied for patent by Sony could be one of the outstanding features that PlayStation 5 will have at launch.

The Japanese gaming console maker has recently reserved the rights to a new feature dubbed as PlayStation Assist. Based on the patent application, the tool utilizes Artificial Intelligence to deliver real-time assistance to players whenever they hit a dead end in their favorite games. The alleged PlayStation 5 feature is anticipated to serve as a tool capable of highlighting areas of interest in the scene like the location of a concealed weapon.

Included in the patent application are the descriptions and visuals suggesting that the alleged PlayStation 5 feature will be a mostly voice-controlled resource. Players simply have to activate it and mumble a command such as asking the PlayStation Assist to locate the proximate health pack or the next steps in the game, and the PS5 will respond accordingly. Simply put, the feature is like Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa but with improved features that will address gamers’ concerns.

Additionally, the alleged PlayStation 5 feature presents a companion application, most likely for iOS and Android that provides the facility to render queries and receive extra information from both console-based and mobile-based queries such as explanations, diagrams, and definitions. All of these are believed to be initiated by a Google-Assistant like hot phrase: “Hey PlayStation.” Cool!

However, the patent application filed by Sony could remain just a patent and might not make its way to the company’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5. It is worth noting that giant companies like Sony often file patent applications that at times, stay as a patent application. If Sony is indeed going to feature the PlayStation Assist in the PS5, then Sony’s upcoming gaming console will have the edge over Microsoft’s Project Scarlett.