In August, a design patent created by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Chief Designer Yusuhiro Ootori made rounds online. Back then, many sites reported that this could be the design of the developer kit of the PlayStation 5, and several renders soon followed. Recently, a new image, which claimed to be the real photo (not render) of the PS5 dev kit, surfaced online.

The latest PlayStation 5 leak was shared by ZONEofTECH on his YouTube channel and his Twitter account. This is the first actual unofficial image of the PlayStation 5 developer kit, which was reportedly sent by Sony to gaming studios all over the globe. The leaker apparently took the actual picture of the PS5 dev kit on October 11, and it almost completely matches the design patent as well as the render created by the Dutch website LetsGoDigital.

Additionally, the leaked image also offers additional information on the buttons and ports of the alleged PlayStation 5 dev kit. There appear to be six USB ports and several buttons showing words like Eject, Reset, On/Standby, Eject, Network INIT, and System INIT. The revolutionary PS5 dev kit design is V-shaped and has several gills, which presumably serves as part of the system’s cooling system.

It can be recalled that when the first render surfaced, a developer inadvertently admitted that they have the same dev kit on their studio. The post was later deleted along with the developer’s Twitter account. The post confirmed that the design patent is indeed that of the PlayStation 5 dev kit, and thanks to the leaker, we now have the real or actual image of the heavily rumored PS5 developer kit.

However, it is worth noting that the image is showing us the developer kit only. Usually, the dev kit is different from the actual design made available in the market. Since the dev kit is intended for game developers, there is a great chance that the real PlayStation 5 that will be released would not share the same design as this alleged dev kit. The PlayStation 5 is officially confirmed to arrive in the holiday of 2020 as per Jim Ryan, SIE CEO.