• A 39-year-old man was arrested in Delaware Tuesday after a robbery at a Rite Aid 
  • The cashier put a GPS tracker in the bag of cash, which helped police locate him
  • The man is linked to six homicides, including the fatal shooting of his mother in February

A 39-year-old man linked to multiple slayings has been arrested by Delaware police after a drug store cashier placed a GPS tracker in a bag of cash the man allegedly grabbed during an armed robbery.

The suspect, named Keith Gibson, was tracked down and arrested by police Tuesday just a block away from the Rite Aid that he allegedly robbed in Wilmington, Delaware, KYW-TV reported. The 39-year-old was wearing a bullet-resistant vest and had a loaded firearm and a knife when he was found, police said.

Aside from the armed robbery, Gibson is also a suspect in at least six homicides, including the killing of a Dunkin’ Donuts manager Christine Lugo in Philadelphia, Fox News reported.

The man allegedly ran off with $300 and fatally shot the mother of two at around 5:30 a.m. Saturday. The woman was opening the store at the time of the incident.

Police said Gibson is also being investigated for the death of his 54-year-old mother, Christine, who was found shot dead in February at her workplace in East Falls, Philadephia. Police suspected that Gibson may have also been involved in the death of a MetroPCS cellphone store manager in Elsmere, Delaware, in May, NBC 10 reported.

He's also a suspect in the slaying of two men who were gunned down at a North Philadelphia store in January as well as a man who was robbed and fatally shot in Delaware Sunday.

Gibson was also linked to two armed robberies that happened before he was arrested Tuesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

According to Philadelphia chief inspector Frank Vanore, Gibson has been out on parole since last year after serving time in prison for a previous slaying in Delaware.

Police said investigators are performing ballistic tests on the .357 revolver believed to be the weapon used in the crimes. A formal arrest warrant charging Gibson in Lugo’s murder was approved Wednesday, and additional charges are likely to be added, according to a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Police in Philadelphia previously investigated him in connection to his mother’s slaying and detained Gibson for violating his parole, but Vanore said Wednesday that "at that point, we could not link him to the murder."

The 39-year-old was released from prison in June but served six months at a community corrections center. He violated his probation when he fought with two other unnamed offenders. This resulted in him getting an additional six months in custody and 18 months of probation upon release, according to Delaware Department of Corrections spokesman Jason Miller.

Gibson has been charged with robbery and other felony counts in Wilmington. He is currently being held on a $305,000 cash-only bail in the city, according to authorities.

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