An alligator and a Burmese python literally tangled on a Florida golf course Friday as the fight was captured in a series of photos posted to Facebook. 

Richard Nadler was among the spectators near the 10th hole of the Golf Club at Fiddler's Creek in Naples, Florida, on Friday when the alligator vs. python battle began. Nadler's photo, which has since been shared nearly 20,000 times on Facebook, shows the snake and gator wrapped around each other, WPLG-TV first reported.

“'Wild' day on the 10th hole today! That’s a an alligator and a Burmese python entwined. The alligator seems to have the upper hand," Nadler captioned the reptile fight. The Burmese python, which is not venemous but instead uses its constrictor ability to crush its prey, is seen wrapped around the length of the alligator's body. However, a large portion of the snake's body is seen locked in the alligator's mouth.

“There was no grappling going on — nothing. The python’s head was in the mouth of the alligator and the alligator was just sitting there absolutely still with his eyes wide open not moving,” Nadler told NBC 2. “And he had all these people around him these golf carts and people walking around taking photographs.”

Last week, a Florida police officer was seen on video grappling with another 12-foot Burmese python in Pembroke Pines, Florida. As the police department noted, Burmese pythons are not poisonous but they are constrictors who crush their prey. The department and environmental officials in Florida described the python as an "invasive" species that pushes out several other creatures in the swampy region from their habitat.

Carolyn A Maxim also witnessed the 10th hole reptile battle and posted similar photos of the fight to Facebook, writing "Gator on the 10th green at Fiddler’s. It’s like a zoo here!!!! Looks like he got one of those big pythons." 

This is hardly the first Florida fight between a gator and python, the snake was the victor last year in a Big Cypress, Florida, battle that saw the Burmese python suffocate and drown a gator in the everglades.