• Amal Clooney is the recipient of this year's Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award
  • Meryl Streep presented Clooney with the award at the 2020 CPJ International Press Freedom Awards Thursday
  • Clooney gushed over Streep and joked that they have both been married to her husband, George

Amal Clooney and Oscar winner Meryl Streep are forever linked due to the former's husband, George Clooney.

On Thursday, Streep presented Amal with the Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award at the 2020 CPJ International Press Freedom Awards. While accepting the award, the 42-year-old international human rights lawyer thanked Streep, 71, and couldn't help but gush over the "Devil Wears Prada" actress.

"You are an inspiration as a woman, as an artist, as a press-freedom advocate," Amal said in her speech.

She also joked about the special connection they share due to her husband.

"I know I can't ever hope to win the number of awards that you've won, but it does occur to me that we have something special in common, which is that we've both been married to my husband," the lawyer continued. "And honestly, the fact that you did it as Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic Fox just makes that so much less awkward."

George and Streep voiced the characters Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox in the 2009 animated movie "Fantastic Mr. Fox." The film came out before the actor met his wife in 2013.

Meanwhile, the "Ocean's Eleven" actor recently opened up about his marriage with Amal and how she changed his life in his GQ cover story.

George revealed that he only became aware of how empty his life had become when he met the lawyer. He admitted that he never considered getting married again and having his own family, but falling in love with Amal changed his mind.

"I was like, ‘I'm never getting married. I'm not gonna have kids,’" George said, recalling his thoughts after his divorce with first wife Talia Balsam in 1993.

"I'm gonna work, I've got great friends, my life is full, I'm doing well," he continued. "And I didn't know how un-full it was until I met Amal. And then everything changed. And I was like, ‘Oh, actually, this has been a huge empty space.'"

George told Esquire U.K. back in 2014 that he wasn't very good at marriage. But his close pal Matt Damon noticed that he completely changed his views on tying the knot and raising children after Amal came into his life.

George and Amal got engaged in April 2014 and tied the knot in September that year. In 2017, the couple welcomed their twins, Alexander and Ella.

George, Amal Clooney George and Amal Clooney attend the People's Postcode Lottery Charity Gala at McEwan Hall on March 15, 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo: Getty Images/Duncan McGlynn