Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes gets kicked off of a private plane after telling a pilot to Google her. Reuters

Amanda Bynes likes doing things in twos, apparently.

After entering a not-guilty plea for her two hit-and-runs, Bynes allegedly locked herself in a store changing room again, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported.

The “All That” star has gotten herself into a lot of trouble recently, beginning with her first altercation with law enforcement when she tweeted President Barack Obama to lock up the cops who were trying to hold her to the same laws as everyone else.

The Nickelodeon star seems to be living in her own world lately. About a week ago she locked herself in a store dressing room and didn’t come out for two hours, reports stated.

Store workers were worried about the actress because they heard banging sounds and assumed that she was doing drugs in the stall.

But this time Bynes wasn’t even in a clothing store, but a bakery.

Eyewitnesses reported that the actress went to SoHo's Little Cupcake Bakeshop acting “bizarre”-- waltzing into the bakery wearing headphones and sunglasses at 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Apparently she ordered a Dreaming Princess cupcake and cappuccino with extra sugar and then headed off to the bathroom, where she occupied it for 30 minutes.

Patrons of the bakery began to worry, Perez Hilton noted, and a firefighter who happened to be there tried to call out to the star while she was in the bathroom.

An eyewitness told Hilton: "He knocked on the bathroom door numerous times and called for her. The workers at the bakery even turned down the music to see if they could hear any noise coming from the bathroom. He tried to get her to respond, through the door, for almost 15 minutes. Finally, he called the police and asked if he had their okay to break down the door."

Just as the firefighter was about the break the door downm Bynes nonchalantly sashayed out and said to the man, "Excuse me, I was doing my makeup."

A concerned and spooked employee at the bakery then escorted Bynes to the back door just before 11 p.m., Perez Hilton reported.

Bynes currently has two hit and run charges, a DUI and another charge for driving with a suspended license.

More about the star’s legal woes will be revealed on Oct. 19 at her next court date.

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