The logo of Amazon is seen at the company logistics center in Lauwin-Planque in northern France, Feb. 20, 2017. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

Amazon’s retail website is currently facing a nationwide outage. Areas that are majorly affected include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego on the West Coast and New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., on the East Coast.

The retail giant’s website seems to have gone down in parts of major cities such as Richmond in Virginia, Nashville in Tennessee, Tampa in Florida, Houston, Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis.

While the company is yet to acknowledge the issue, customers have taken to social media to complain.

Some customers said they are unable to access Amazon’s video platform as well.

Many customers said this was the first time ever they had seen the website down.

Customers reported a variety of errors. While some were directed to a page saying, “Sorry, something went wrong at our end” or “Website temporarily unavailable,” others received an ‘Error 503’ message. Error 503 is an HTTP status code, which means that the website’s server is not available.

Many customers compared the outage with the Amazon Web Services disruption in February and took down a bunch of website including Audible, Quora and Netflix.

The company later stated the error had occurred due to one of the company’s staffers entering a wrong code in one of its subsystems, which took down all subsystems.

The cause of the current outage was not known as of 3:18 a.m. EDT.

This is a developing story.