It looks like the customer service reps at Amazon are being a little too helpful during their live chats with shoppers.

The company told Yahoo Life that they have launched an investigation after a Twitter thread detailing a flirty conversation with an Amazon customer service rep went viral.

“We do encourage our associates to create engagement with our customers, which aligns with our peculiar culture. However, we do not tolerate language which may be offensive,” Leah Seay, an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.

“We are looking into these incidences, and will take the appropriate actions once our investigation is complete.”

On Aug. 22, a Twitter user named Roxana tweeted several screenshots of her conversation with a customer service rep after she called the company to ask about delivery details for an order.

“You are very sweet and I must say you have a very lovely name,” wrote the employee named Rupesh.

However, the friendly conversation took a flirtatious turn when the employee managed to find a solution to Roxana’s question.

“I have good news and bad news for you. Bad news is that after this chat we are going to part ways,” he wrote.

While Rupesh may have been sad to say goodbye, Roxana appeared to make light of their chat when she shared their conversation on Twitter. “Not the amazon customer service guy legit flirting with me LOOOOL,” she captioned the screenshots.

However, Roxana isn’t the first person to be flirted with by an Amazon employee. Customers quickly flocked to the thread and posted screenshots of their flirty conversations.

One person shared a screenshot of their chat with a rep named Faiza, who having conflicting feelings about ending their conversation. “I hate to do this but my manager is giving me 5 minutes on this chat and I haven’t assisted anyone else for two hours. I really really loved chatting with you, it was truly amazing,” the employee wrote.

Meanwhile, one person revealed they received an email from someone claiming to be an Amazon delivery driver. “I hate to bother u and I know this is a little unprofessional but I didn’t get the chance to finish (or start) a conversation earlier...” the message read.

While many have joked about their flirty conversations with Amazon customer service reps, others have deemed the behavior “creepy.”