• Amber Heard shared a photo of her attending a protest rally on Instagram
  • Twitter reacted to Heard's photo from a rally
  • Heard turned off the comment section on her Instagram account after being bashed by Johnny Depp's supporters

Amber Heard shared a photo of her taken from a protest rally, but Twitter users think it was staged.

The “Aquaman” actress showed her support for the global fight to end racism and injustice. Heard took to Instagram on June 5 and shared a snap of her wearing a mask with a cop behind her. The photo appeared to be taken from a protest rally.

“Standing in solidarity with those intent on changing a terribly flawed and broken system and for those who are demanding justice in support of countless black and brown lives lost to it. I stand with all who are participating in this historic moment,” Heard wrote in the caption.

“Couldn’t be more proud,” Rami Sarabi commented.

That’s the only comment on Heard’s post because she limits those who are allowed to leave a comment on her account. In February, she turned off the comments section on her Instagram account after being bashed by Johnny Depp’s supporters.

However, the same photo made the rounds on Twitter. Several were not convinced that Depp’s ex joined the rally to support the cause. Some even accused her of doing it just for a PR stunt while another said it was “staged.”

“I'm so glad you pointed this out. She's protesting police brutality by standing in front of a police officer who seems to be acting as a de facto body guard. This pic isn't sending the message she thinks. But it speaks volumes about privileged white celebs,” one reacted.

The same user insisted that Heard’s photo was “so obviously staged.” The netizen pointed out how Heard was placed in front of some appropriate graffiti with a police officer behind her.

Another online user added that Heard pretended to look shocked to show that she was witnessing protest and violence. “I really hate it,” @Rahul_Albus wrote.

“It’s a PR picture. Nothing else. Photoshoot,” a different user wrote.

“Amber Heard saying she supports the protests while posting a picture of her with a cop,” one commented.

“She looks like she’s hiding from the action just to get a photo op,” another wrote.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard has rekindled an old romance. The actress is pictured attending The Art Of Elysium’s 11th Annual Celebration on Jan. 6, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images