AMD on Tuesday unveiled new high-end 3D pro graphic accelerator, ATI FirePro V8750 which is compatible with FirePro S400 Synchronization Module of up to four professional graphics cards.

The new ATI FirePro V8750 is design for CAD and DCC applications, featuring 2GB of GDDR5 memory running on 900 MHz, 2 Display Port Outputs, a stereo sync output, and a dual-link DVI connector and is four times faster than any card.

“The ATI FirePro V8750 3D workstation graphics accelerator delivers unparalleled performance and two GB of frame buffer memory,” said Janet Matsuda, senior director, AMD Professional Graphics.

The high-end 3D pro graphic accelerator ATI FirePro V8750 is also compatible with ATI FirePro S400 Synchronization Module for framelock and genlock synchronization for demanding broadcast, video editing, visualization, simulation and rich display applications.

“Professionals need a module that can meet the high demands of current video and 3D applications with the flexibility to address new demands down the road, and the ATI FirePro S400 does just that at an affordable price,” the company said.

It features supports four professional graphics cards, a modern Serial ATA power connector and allows ATI FirePro graphics accelerators to receive signals and synchronize to virtually any video input source, including PAL and NTSC standard definition video black burst, high definition TV tri-level, TTL and SDI sync.
The ATI FirePro V8750 card is available now for $1,799. While the ATI FirePro S400 costs $799 in the market worldwide.