AMD on Wednesday said its new line of WHQL-certified ATI Catalyst graphics drivers for Windows 7 RTM are ready to for the final release and availability of the Microsoft’s new operating system on October 22.

The ATI Catalyst 9.7 and ATI Catalyst 8.632 drivers are designed to deliver a single, unified driver installation for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista, combined with the efficiency, affordability and scalability of AMD platforms.

It also features stability and reliability graphics drivers and supports ATI FirePro, ATI CrossFireX technology and ATI Stream technology.

AMD is working closely with Microsoft to ensure superior performance and a reliable Windows 7 experience throughout our line of graphics processor with its latest high-performance graphics features such as tessellation and shader model 5.0, Microsoft Corp said.

The ATI Catalyst 9.7 driver will be available for ATI Radeon download, while ATI Catalyst 8.632 driver is made available for ATI FirePro professional graphics users.

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