An American Airlines passenger, who refused to wear a mask, was removed from the flight amid applause from other travelers. The incident took place on a flight from Ohio to North Carolina on July 19.

A video of the incident, recorded by passenger Jordan Slade, showed the woman being kicked off the flight after she refused to wear a mask. As the woman angrily walks off, the other passengers applaud. The woman then turns around and says, "You can clap all you want," before a passenger asks her to leave as "we have flights to get on."

"She was argumentative from the gate. She demanded to be boarded first and was causing an obvious scene. Once boarded she was making phone calls and arguing with the attendant when asked to put her phone away. She also refused to wear a mask putting others on the flight at risk... Another passenger even got up to confront her about her behavior with no mask," Slade told Daily Mail.

Slade revealed the incident took up so much time that after the woman was removed from the flight, the plane was taken back to the airport to refuel.

"A woman in the back got up from her seat and sort of confronted the attendant saying she was going to miss her connection and then directed the conversation back to the woman saying if she misses her flight because of her…," Slate told the outlet.

The video, which was uploaded on Tik Tok, has since gone viral with people calling out the passenger for putting other’s health at risk by not wearing a mask.

"She thinks rules and common sense don’t apply to her. She has three carry on bags on a small express jet. She should have been denied boarding for that reason alone, if not denied for not wearing a mask. When she stops being a part of the solution she becomes the problem," a user wrote.

"How did she even get on the plane without one? Why wasn’t she stopped at the gate? Did she have one on to get in the plane but refused to keep it on? Just drive ‘Karen’! Geez!" wrote another.

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