There is still hope for a Season 4 renewal for “American Crime.”

According to TV Line, ABC led Sunday night’s ratings with the release of “American Crime” Season 3 finale episode. The 10th installment generated a total of two million viewers and 0.4 rating among audiences aged 18 to 49. The episode enjoyed an improvement in terms of ratings by up to a tenth compared to episode 9. Unfortunately, this doesn’t completely guarantee a Season 4 renewal.

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Earlier this month, “American Crime” executive producer Michael McDonald hinted on the possibility of a Season 4 renewal by sharing the central theme for the upcoming episodes. While speaking with Deadline, McDonald said that he and his team are already coming up with ideas for Season 4. “We have a story that we want to tell. Seeing what’s happening on FOX News, what’s happening with Uber, you’re seeing the role that women play in the workforce,” he said.

McDonald did not directly state the theme for Season 4, but the publication said that it will be about sexual harassment.

However, “American Crime” cast member Felicity Huffman, who recently joined the series, does not think that Season 4 could still be a go. “Unfortunately with broadcast television it’s very hard to get an audience – our audience may not be there right now. If there isn’t a Season 4, I’m so honored that this is our last season. I think ABC has changed the face of network TV and what network TV can do. They are beyond what cable can do. Sometimes those things have a short shelf life, but the ripple effect is great,” she said.

In the finale episode for Season 3, Huffman’s character, Jeannette, faced some major struggles in her marriage to Carson (Dallas Roberts). Jeannette left Carson in the earlier episodes after the latter abused her. But she decided to reunite with her husband to ask for a huge favor. After Raelyn (Janel Moloney) was sent to prison for failing her drug test, Jeannette decided to ask Carson if Raelyn’s two daughters could stay with them.

Carson was not pleased with Jeannette’s request, especially since he no longer trusts her. The former also realized that Jeannette reached out to him for the sake of the kids and not necessarily to fix their marriage. Before making a decision, Carson asked his sister, Laurie Ann (Cherry Jones), for advice. Unfortunately, the latter was also unsupportive of Jeannette’s request before she and Carson put the entire Hesby clan into a huge trouble. But the Hesbys also want something from Jeannette. They asked her to face the farmers and apologize on behalf of the Hesbys for the fire that recently broke out. However, Carson, Laurie Ann and the rest of their family members are not really apologetic about the incident. Towards the end of her speech, Jeannette almost bit her tongue when she said, “I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this family.”

“American Crime” Season 3, episode 10 aired on ABC on April 30.