Like a plot straight out of a sci-fi movie, an American robotics company has challenged a Japanese counterpart to duel their respective giant fighting robots. In an effort to begin a fighting robot league, MegaBots asked Suidobashi Heavy Industries in a video posted on Tuesday to a fight between giant mechanical robots with humans controlling and piloting them from inside a cockpit.

In the minute-long video, the two co-founders of the company walk through the "world headquarters" of MegaBots wearing American flags as capes as flamethrowers blast behind them. Describing their creation as America's first "fully-functional giant piloted robot," they add that, "because they're American," they decided to add really big guns. 

The 15 foot, 12,000 pound robot has a cannon that shoots custom-made three pound paintballs at 100 mph and another currently designed to shoot T-shirts into a crowd, according to Quartz. In the video, the makers challenge the "first giant fighting robot in the world," Suidobashi Heavy Industries's Kuratas Robot, which has "twin gatling guns" and a "hyper-advanced targeting system."

The video ends with one of the founders saying "Suidobashi Heavy Industries, we have a giant robot, you have a giant robot. You know what needs to happen, we challenge you to a duel," and asks for a year of preparation for the fight. 



The MegaBot was initially shown at the New York Comic-Con in 2014, according to the magazine, Popular Science.

While the robot is currently on treads, the company plans to upgrade it over the next year to walk on two legs, according to Quartz. Cavalvanti also added that they intend to advance the robots current armor "so we don't die," acknowledging that that currently is a problem. 

The eventual aim for the company is to have the international duel serve as a catalyst for future battles betweeen giant robots.

Once people see the robots fighting, said MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti to Quartz, there will be a moment when the world says, "I definitely need to see this in a sport."


Watch the challenge video below: