American Horror Story: Cult
Kai (Evan Peters) continues his plane for power on “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 7. FX

Following an assassination attempt on “American Horror Story: Cult,” city councilman candidate Kai Anderson is doing just fine, and is continuing his plan for world domination with the help of his cult. However, in episode 7, “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag,” it looks like the power hungry leader will be faced with both some obstacles and possibly, betrayal, from the one he trusts.

Before tuning into the FX series, check out these 3 things you should expect to see in “AHS: Cult,” episode 7.

1. Frances Conroy And Lena Dunham Make “AHS: Cult” Debut

Dunham will take on the role of a real-life radical feminist, Valerie Solanas, who penned a manifesto demanding the elimination of men from the earth. Solanas is also known as the woman who tried to kill Andy Warhol.

“American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy previously told Entertainment Weekly that the actress’ episode would be dedicated to female rage. “Lena Dunham is playing Valerie Solanas, who attempted to shoot Andy Warhol because she felt denied the cult of personality that was Warhol and the Factory at the time,” Murphy revealed.

In earlier spoilers, it was revealed that Kai (Evan Peters) would represent several infamous cult leaders including Warhol, Charles Manson and Jim Jones.

While the details behind Conroy’s character still remain a mystery, her dated wardrobe in the promo and the fact that she is seen going in for a kiss with Solanas, makes it seem like she is associated with Dunham’s character, who is featured rocking a look from the ‘60s and aiming a gun at someone. Although the intended target is not shown, there is a good chance it’s Kai, since he will represent Warhol.

2. Beverly Hope Calls For More Murder

In the promo for episode 7, “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag,” Beverly (Adina Porter) can be seen talking to Kai, telling him that they need fresh blood. In other words, they need to commit another murder in order to keep media attention on Kai. Although she seems confident with her plans of murder, it seems like Kai doesn’t think shedding blood is the next step.

The cult leader is later seen telling Beverly that she needs to trust him, perhaps stopping her plan of killing another unsuspecting resident. Later on in the video, Beverly can be seen telling someone that men always push the woman aside. Could she be feeling left out of Kai’s plans after he promised her they would share equal power?

Although it is unclear who Beverly’s next victim will be, she is seen talking to Conroy’s character, who informs her that she is aware of what it’s like to assassinate a man. Will Beverly leave Kai’s cult for another organization or is she simply having a conversation?

3. Kai Continues To Build Trust In His Cult

Although Beverly may attempt to do her own activities outside of the cult, Kai seems to be bonding with others in his group. In the promo, Kai is seen locking pinkies with both Ivy (Alison Pill) and Winter (Billie Lourd), who both have tears in their eyes. In the past, Kai’s truth sessions with members of his cult have helped him solidify their loyalty. Could Kai’s latest truth sessions be his way of sealing a bond or does have ulterior motives?

“American Horror Story: Cult” episode 7 airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.