AHS: Hotel Liz Taylor
Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) got the revenge she so desired in the fall finale of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Getty

"American Horror Story: Hotel" aired its fall finale Wednesday, revealing some jaw dropping new information about the residents of the bloody hotel while potentially killing off a handful of surprising characters. Hotel Cortez is briefly closing its doors until 2016, but get the rundown on episode 10, the latest deadly installment of the hit FX miniseries.

Many people have entered Hotel Cortez and died, but for Liz Taylor (Denis O’Hare), one couple was different from the rest. A husband and wife that were married for 60 years booked a room to end their lives together. The wife had cancer, and the husband couldn’t bear to live without her – so they shot each other in the head.

“Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” Liz asks Iris (Kathy Bates).

But Iris doesn’t see a beautiful act between two people who loved each other. She sees a couple hours of scrubbing brains off the wall.

The clean up gets put on the backburner though when Liz decides to take the gun and use it on herself. Depressed since losing Tristan (Finn Wittrock), Liz can’t bear to go on and is afraid that it’s only a matter of time before the Countess (Lady Gaga) kills her. However, Iris stops her before it’s too late. But she doesn’t stop her because she’s her friend – she stops her because if she dies with unfinished business she’ll stay in Hotel Cortez forever.

Liz agrees to solve her unfinished business before killing herself. And in order to do, Liz must apologize to her son for leaving him 31 years ago. Iris tells Liz that once she makes amends with her son, then “we’ll be ready to go.”

“You don’t have to do this alone,” she continues.

Since Iris knows that her son Donovan (Matt Bomer) will never love her, she agrees to kill herself with Liz. But Liz solving her unfinished business might be more complicated than she thought. She gets Miss Evers (Mare Winningham) to call her son to invite him to Hotel Cortez for a week, but Evers warns Liz that her son is going to want to see his father – not her.

Meanwhile, the Countess is plotting the death of Rudolph’s (Finn Wittrock) other lover, Natasha (Alexandra Daddario). She lures the woman to the hotel under the guise of a girl’s night, but Natasha is suspicious of her. She pulls a blade on the Countess after telling her that they don’t need her. But the Countess is one step ahead of her. She pulls out a gun and shoots Natasha, killing her instantly.

The Countess killed Natasha so she could have Rudolph to herself, but what she doesn’t know is that Donovan went to his motel room to confront him. Rudolph took out a sword to fight Donovan, but like the Countess, Donovan pulled a gun. He shot Rudolph in the head multiple times until his pretty face was completely gone.

Elsewhere, John (Wes Bentley) completes his ninth kill, which means he has one left until he’s “free.” But first, John wants to see his estranged wife, Alex (Chlo ë Sevigny).

Despite learning that he’s the Ten Commandments serial killer, John still wants to be with Alex. However, Alex has no regrets about drinking the ancient blood virus.

“I made my choice to be with Holden,” she tells John.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need John. In fact, she’s in a sticky situation with those vampire kids on the loose. She tells her husband that the Countess is holding her responsible. If she doesn’t kill the kids then the Countess is going to kill her and Holden. That’s not acceptable for John, so he agrees to accompany her to rectify the situation.

AHS Hotel
John (Wes Bentley) agrees to help Alex (Chloë Sevigny) in episode 10 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." FX

The two return to the house where the kids slaughtered the pizza delivery guy. And while the police have clearly found the pizza delivery guy’s body, the kids are still holed up at the house -- and they’re not happy to see John and Alex.

As Alex tries to help one of the girls who is sick, the group of children surround her and John. While the situation looks grim for the husband and wife, they manage to convince the kids to follow them back to Hotel Cortez. But the kids should have stuck with their gut of not trusting adults. When Alex and John get them back to the hotel they lock them in the closed up hallway where Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) was killed by Ramona (Angela Bassett).

Speaking of Will Drake …. The Countess files a missing persons report for her husband and sells the cops a sob story about him going missing shortly after they said “I do.” The police are buying the story until Will Drake shows up in the flesh.

The Countess quickly ushers out the officers and faces the ghost of her dead husband. Needless to say, Will Drake is NOT happy that she murdered him. But he becomes downright frightened when the Countess lets him in on her plan to get his money. Since she’s not in his will, everything goes to his son Lachlan – and she’s considering making Lachlan a blood relative.

As the Countess plots to get her hands on her stepson’s fortune, Liz finally reunites with her son at the bar of the hotel. However, she can’t bring herself to tell her son who she really is. Instead she pours him a drink and has a conversation with him. Despite not coming clean about being his father, Liz’s meeting with him is enough to convince herself to go through with the suicide pact. However, Miss Evers stops her before she can finish the act. She tells her that her son is waiting at the bar for her.

When Liz goes downstairs, her son is happy to see her. She decides to use the moment to come clean about who she really is, but he stops her. He tells her that he already knows who she is and that he’s okay with it. Liz is surprised and ecstatic, especially when her son asks for her to be a part of his life. But what about Liz’s pact with Iris? Liz can’t go through with killing herself now.

The fall finale of “American Horror Story” ends with Alex and John getting Holden (Lennon Henry) and leaving Hotel Cortez. But before they can exit the building, Sally (Sarah Paulson) threatens John.

“I swear on my soul I’m going to kill you,” she tells him. But the big jaw dropper of episode 10 involves the Countess and Donovan.

AHS Hotel
The Countess (Lady Gaga) and Donovan (Matt Bomer) hit a road block in their relationship in episode 10 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." FX

Donovan tells the Countess what he did to Rudolph, and she goes to the motel to see for herself. She sobs when she finds his body, and returns to the hotel to get revenge. However, she discovers that Donovan wanted her to come back and kill him. He tells her that dying is the only way that she’ll let him love her.

The Countess holds Donovan’s head in her hands and it looks as if she might change her mind. But Iris and Liz come in with guns blazing to seal the fates of Donovan and the Countess. They fire away at the two and the episode ends before fans can see the bodies.