A seventh "American Horror Story" teaser video for season two has hit Facebook. Yesterday the viral buzz campaign released their sixth video, "Glass Prison," on the social networking site. Today, an unnamed video is promoting "Asylum."

"Be Careful What You Pass Along," states the caption for the seventh video. At 15 seconds long, the latest teaser video is slightly different from the six that came before it. Instead of the creepy music that fans came to know in season one, the unnamed seventh clip has quick computerized beat and features a woman's voice. Another difference found in the new video is that it is much more fast paced than the usual creepy slow movement fans have been watching.

The seventh video shows a group of people, all reaching their hands out towards something. Eventually some of the hands come into possession of a metal bucket, possibly one of the same metal buckets that viewers spotted in the first teaser video, "Special Delivery."

Facebook fans took to the comments section of the video to voice their own opinions on what's going on in the latest clip. Some think that the hands reaching for the bucket belong to zombies. Others are speculating about the contents of the metal bucket. Chicken, pig parts, King Kong's molar and something "once human" are all being thrown around as suggestions of what the mysterious contents are inside the bucket.

Although the second season promised to bring a whole new tale to the table, if pig parts are really the mystery objects in the bucket, the show can be channeling a story from season one. In an episode from season one, "Piggy Piggy," "American Horror Story" introduces the "Piggy Man" urban legend. According to the legend, a Chicago pig butcher in 1893 used to wear a pig mask to slaughter the pigs. One day after an accident his pigs tore him apart. The former pig butchers customers also ended up dismembered. Similar to "Bloody Mary," it was rumored that the pig butcher could be conjured by someone looking into a mirror and saying the phrase "Here Piggy Pig Pig."

The "Piggy Piggy" episode guest starred "Modern Family's" Eric Stonestreet as Derrick, a patient of Ben Harmon's who was afraid of the Piggy Man and other urban legends like him. Derrick ended up dead after finally getting the courage to say the "Here Piggy Pig Pig" phrase in his home bathroom mirror. He was not murdered by the Pig Man like he thought, but instead by a burglar who was hiding in his shower and offended by the pig remarks.

Season two of "American Horror Story" takes place in an East Coast asylum for the criminally insane in 1964.

What do you think is inside the bucket? Do you think the second season will channel the Pig Man?