American Horror Story Season Two
American Horror Story Season Two FX

Another day...another "American Horror Story" teaser video. The FX series, premiering its new season on Oct. 17 gave fans another "Taste" of the chilling horrors to come in season two, "Asylum."

The latest video in their Facebook buzz campaign is the ninth teaser to hit the web for fans. Labeled as "Taste," the caption for the video teases that "Our doctors always know best."

A woman's face appears on the screen. As the creepy music that "American Horror Story" fans have learned to love begins to play, the woman quickly opens her mouth, accepting a red pill from a man in black.

The scene looks very similar to receiving communion in church. Like church goers, this woman was on her knees, opening her mouth like she was receiving the body of Christ, but actually receiving the red pill. Although the caption says "doctors" in it, the black attire makes the man in question appear to be more like a priest.

"Taste" was posted on the "American Horror Story" Facebook page on Tuesday. The video comes a day after Entertainment Weekly released not only four terrifying posters for season two, but the premiere date as well.

Photo number one released gives fans an up close look at one of the white nuns that have made numerous appearances in the teaser videos. With what almost looks like a porcelain white face, the only other color found in the picture comes from the black eyes and black tears that appear to be running down her face. The second photo is familiar to the first teaser video posted on Facebook, "Special Delivery." Fans can see a nun walking towards the woods with one bucket full of mystery contents in her hand, while a second bucket remains knocked over on the floor behind her...the what looks like bloody contents strewn across the grass. Photo three also stems from a teaser video posted on Facebook, "Hydrobath." While in the video we only saw a body writhing around in the milky tub of water, the photo on EW shoes the creepy white nun lurking in the canvas covered tub, hands clasped together. The final photo released from "American Horror Story" is a still from the teaser "Ascend." A nun in black walks up a steep set of stairs while a female patient climbs along the opposite side of it.

"Taste" also comes a day after the release of trailer eight, "White Rave." "White Rave," looks familiar because it starts the same way as the seventh video teaser, "Red Rave." With a catchy techno song playing, a group of dirty and hungry (maybe even zombie-esque) people try to get their hands on a bucket full of something mysterious. The eighth video, "White Rave," is very similar, and definitely creepier. The same techno song plays and the light flashes as the dirty people continue raving and reaching for something. This time the "something" is not a bucket, but instead the white nun who gets passed along the crowd. "In the Asylum, it's a different kind of party," a caption for the video teases.

The second season of "American Horror Story" takes place in an institution for the criminally insane on the East Coast during 1964. Returning cast members from season one include Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Zachary Quinto.

"American Horror Story: Asylum" premieres on FX on Oct. 17.

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