Today is the day that a new Supreme rises on “American Horror Story.” Who is the lucky witch? Viewers will have to wait until episode 13 airs at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 29, but we’ve got a couple of theories on what might happen in the season finale of “Coven” to hold you over.

The Cordelia Easter Egg

From the beginning of the series, fans have been lead to believe that the next Supreme was a young witch at Miss Robichaux’s. But that hasn’t stopped speculation that the new leader of the Coven might be Cordelia.

Cordelia has appeared weak and powerless for most of the season even though she is the daughter of Fiona, the Supreme of the Coven. Fans saw her find strength after the acid attack left her blind, and then watched as she appeared re-born with new vision. Always in the shadow of mom Fiona who berated and belittled her, Cordelia took drastic measures to regain her gift of sight … by stabbing out her own eyes. But in one of the most heart-rending moments of the series, Fiona told her daughter in episode 12 that the power has always been inside her.

A Tumblr dedicated to “American Horror Story” came up with the theory that Cordelia is the next Supreme, based on the opening sequence of the show. When actress Sarah Paulson’s name comes across the screen, it is in front of an image of a skeleton wearing a headdress. The image appears to be that of Santa Muerte, or “Lady Sebastienne” … “Lady of the Seven Powers.”

American Horror Story
Is there a hidden message in the opening sequence of "American Horror Story"? FX

The Zoe Easter Egg

The opening credits of “American Horror Story” feature the image of what appears to be three people hanging behind Taissa Farmiga’s name. Underneath her name is the phrase “Spiritu Dominado.” The phrase translates to "the dominated" or "dominated spirit." This could mean a couple things for Zoe: She might end up dead or she might be possessed.

American Horror Story
"Spiritu Dominado" translates to "the dominated" or "dominated spirit." FX

Fiona’s Necklace

There are a couple of theories regarding the necklace Fiona gifted to Cordelia. Fans will remember that the necklace triggered a vision of the future for Cordelia. But what if Fiona planted that vision on Cordelia? The whole thing could have been a setup to put everything in motion for the next Supreme while Fiona kept a low profile. The synopsis for episode 13 teases that the new Supreme will have “one last piece of unfinished business.” Perhaps it’s facing off against Fiona.

The second theory regarding the necklace is that Fiona planted it on Cordelia because she's going to use it as a way to jump in Cordelia’s body.

Myrtle Snow: The Next Supreme?

Myrtle appears to be an ally of the Coven, but viewers can’t forget that she is capable of some terrible things (i.e., scooping on Quentin and Pembroke’s eyeballs and disintegrating their chopped-up bodies in acid). It’s a known fact that the council member wanted to be the next Supreme as a young girl attending Miss Robichaux’s -- and even tried to expose Fiona for her wrongdoings in killing the former Supreme.

The theory is that Myrtle is going to attempt to become the next reigning Supreme. She already tried to get rid of Zoe nicely by giving her and Kyle a bus ticket out of town, and she may resort to killing the next chosen one in order to gain her power.

The season finale of "American Horror Story: Coven" will air on FX on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 10 p.m.

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