American Horror Story
Is Queenie dead for good on "American Horror Story"? FX

The midseason finale of “American Horror Story” left fans with their jaws on the ground when Hank stormed into Marie Laveau’s with a gun. Killing multiple members of the Voodoo Queen’s tribe, the witch hunter was stopped – permanently – when human voodoo doll Queenie took a gun and shot herself in the head. The explosive ending left viewers wondering if the Coven lost one of its members -- or if Queenie would rise from the dead.

“Coven” fans will have to wait until Wednesday, Jan. 8 to find out a verdict, but we have our own theory … and if we’re right it means that Queenie is gone for good.

Looking back at episode 9, “Head,” one important scene was the flashback to 1991 that introduced Hank’s father and explained how he became a witch hunter. Related to a long line of hunters, Hank’s dad took him on a trip to kill his first witch, a fire starter. Hesitating to kill her, the witch shot a deadly line of fire his way before Hank’s dad put a silver bullet through her skull.

While the scene was important in showing Hank’s relationship to his dad and how he got into the whole witch hunting mess, a hidden clue in the flashback might have been how Hank’s dad killed the witch. He didn’t aim at her chest or put a couple of rounds in her, instead the silver bullet was put through her head and penetrated her brain.

Fans will also remember that Hank killed another fire starter at the beginning of season 3. Seducing the young witch and meeting her in a hotel room, Hank ended his bedroom romp with the girl by pulling out a gun and shooting her through the head.

So, how does this relate to Queenie?

When Hank busted into Cornrow City in episode 9 he shot Queenie in the gut. In pain but still able to move, Queenie crawled across the floor to grab a fallen gun. With Hank about to shoot Marie Laveau, Queenie took the gun and blew her brains out.

We’ve watched Queenie perform some grotesque acts on herself to inflict harm on others as a human voodoo doll, even threatening to cut her own throat to hurt Madison. Those actions have lead fans to believe that she’ll rise from the dead. However if the gun came from Hank that means it would have been loaded with silver bullets – which are fatal to witches.

But what about Misty Day, you may ask? The swamp witch has brought many of the dead back to life (Kyle, Madison, Myrtle, Joan) which means that it’s possible that Queenie is not gone for good. It’s important to keep in mind that none of them suffered from fatal head wounds, which makes the theory of killing a witch somewhat similar to “The Walking Dead.”

Those that watch “The Walking Dead” know that you can shoot at a zombie all you like – but it’s not going to die for good if you don’t put something through its brain. The theory for “American Horror Story: Coven” is that a witch is dead and gone for good if a bullet (silver for good measure) is put through his or her head.

“American Horror Story: Coven” returns with episode 10 on FX on Wednesday, Jan. 8. Do you think Queenie is dead permanently? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.