American Horror Story
How Spalding lost his tongue was revealed in episode 4, "Fearful Pranks Ensue." Michele K. Short/FX

Boo! “American Horror Story: Coven” celebrated Halloween on Wednesday, and didn’t skip any of the spooky drama.

Episode 4, “Fearful Pranks Ensue,” introduced the Council of Witchcraft … and broke a truce between the Salem witches and the Voodoo queen.

A Flashback

“Fearful Pranks Ensue” kicked off with a flashback to New Orleans in 1961. The still young and beautiful Marie Laveau was running her hair salon, Cornrow City, at the same time that integration was happening in schools in Louisiana.

But Marie didn’t have faith in the civil rights movement, and her gut feeling proved to be true when the son of one of her hairstylists was lynched by three white men. Not willing to let the men get away with murder, Marie performed a spell that raised zombies … who went forward and attacked and killed the men responsible.

Spalding’s Point Of View

“American Horror Story” fans relived Madison’s murder through the eyes of Spalding in episode 4. The Academy servant was having a tea party with his dolls when he heard Fiona and Madison fighting. He came down the stairs just in time to find Fiona cutting Madison's throat.

Pouring Fiona a drink, he went ahead and began rolling the body up in the bloody rug.

Queenie’s Fate

After trying to seduce the Minotaur in episode 3, Queenie reappeared in episode 4 … in very bad shape. Fiona found the young witch bleeding on the floor, and while her injury wasn’t exactly revealed, it was bad enough to have her stop breathing.

Then Fiona revealed one more of her powers as a Supreme – the ability to breathe life into someone.

The Truce Broken

As if tension wasn’t high enough after Fiona’s last visit with Marie Laveau, the truce that the Salem witches had with the Voodoo queen (orchestrated by former Supreme Anna Lee) was broken when Fiona decided to exact revenge on Marie for Queenie’s injury. Suspecting the Voodoo Queen was behind it, Fiona sent her a gift – the severed (and still blinking) head of the Minotaur, Marie’s former lover.

Kyle’s Loose

Kyle’s in a bad place after killing his mother. Zoe tries to console Franken-Kyle but is having difficulty with the guilt she has over the problems she caused him. Going to make him some food, Zoe finds some rat poison, and it’s assumed that she put some in his food. But when she goes to give it to Kyle, she finds that he’s missing.

Hank’s Secret Life

While Cordelia’s been struggling with her fertility issues in New Orleans, her husband is out of town on work – or so he says. Episode 4 finds him having sex with a woman he met online in a Thomas Kinkade chat room. The woman has no idea that he’s married and she doesn’t end up finding out – because Hank shoots her in the head.

Council Of Witchcraft

Amidst the problems with Queenie, the severed truce with Marie and Madison’s murder, the Council of Witchcraft visits the Academy. But why are they there? Because Nan summoned them when she realized that she couldn’t hear Madison anymore. “I think she’s dead,” Nan tells them.

What’s the price of killing a Salem descendant? Death by fire.

The Council begins an investigation into Madison’s death, trying to figure out who would want the young witch dead. “It’s probably because she got wasted and offered the grim reaper a hand job or something,” Queenie tells the Council. But Nan hits the nail on the head, revealing that Madison began developing some powers, like starting a fire by looking at something.

Myrtle And Fiona’s History

Myrtle, a member of the Council, doesn’t believe that Fiona is a good Supreme. Furthermore she’s accusing Fiona of being involved in the disappearance of two witches – both last seen with Fiona.

It turns out that Myrtle has the power of knowing when someone is lying, and figured out that Fiona was guilty right after the death of Anna Lee. Fiona blamed it on the Voodoo queen, and the Council ended up electing Fiona as Supreme.

How Spalding Lost His Tongue

Bent on revealing the truth about Fiona, Myrtle performed a spell that would enchant Spalding into telling the truth about what happened to Anne Lee. The night before Spalding was supposed to talk with the Council, he was found mutilated with his tongue cut off.

Throughout the years, Myrtle believed that Fiona was guilty of mutilating Spalding, and decided to solve it once and for all by having Spalding write down on a piece of paper who cut out his tongue. But Myrtle doesn’t get the answer she wanted. Instead of writing “Fiona,” he wrote “Myrtle.”

Another flashback to 1971 revealed that Spalding was in love with Fiona and overheard Myrtle talking about her curse. Not wanting to rat out the woman that he loved, he cut off his tongue in front of her.

Was Madison The Supreme?

Fiona may have been cleared of the murder by Spalding, but Myrtle still doubts her – claiming that Fiona killed Madison because she was next in line to be Supreme. Cordelia covers for her mother, telling the Council that the Supreme has to be healthy, and Madison was covering up a heart murmur.

What Happened To Madison’s Body?

Fiona told Spalding to take care of the body, and he does – but not in any way that you’d expect. Instead of burying the body, Spalding stripped her down to her bra and underwear to throw a tea party with dead Madison and his dolls.

Cordelia’s Ending

Out for drinks with Fiona after the Council left, Cordelia had a nasty run-in while in the restroom at the bar. A hooded figure in black appeared before her with a cup in her hand. The figure threw the cup in Cordelia’s eyes … leading her to scream in pain.

Night Of The Living Dead

Marie Laveau fires back at Fiona with a threat of her own – zombies. Episode 4 concluded with the dead surrounding the Academy and three dead girls appearing on the doorstep – the three daughters of Madame LaLaurie.