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I bet Zoe wouldn't have dropped Kyle off at his mother's house if she knew what kind of relationship they had. Michele K. Short/FX

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT continue reading if you have not watched episode 3 of "American Horror Story: Coven."

Odds are if you watched “American Horror Story” on Wednesday night, you had a hard time sleeping afterward. The third episode of “Coven” brought season 3 of the FX mini-series to a new level – disturbing … very disturbing.

What was so shocking and messed up about “The Replacements”? We’re breaking down the top 9 most disturbing scenes from episode 3:

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1. Fiona Killing Her Mentor

“American Horror Story” gave viewers a peak at Fiona’s backstory in episode 3. As a young teen, Fiona was being mentored by Anna Lee, the Supreme witch of her generation. But her bond with the powerful witch was all just a ploy to get the title herself. When Anna Lee told Fiona that she’d never let the Council name her Supreme, the young girl quickly pulled out a knife and cut Anna Lee’s throat inside Miss Robichaux’s Academy.

2. Cat’s Got Your Tongue

The flashback revealed that Fiona wasn’t alone the night that she killed Anna Lee – a young Spalding was watching. Fiona makes a suggestive comment to the butler, leading “Coven” viewers to suspect that she’s the reason he has no tongue and can’t talk.

3. Fertility Spell

A doctor tells Cordelia that she can’t have children, but the witch doesn’t accept that answer. Desperate to get pregnant, Cordelia goes to see Marie Laveau. The Voodoo priestess breaks down the fertility spell, and viewers get to see a visual of what would happen: Cordelia would lie on the ground while a goat’s blood is poured directly from its body onto her stomach. Covered in blood, Cordelia would then have to rub the blood all over her while Marie Laveau casts her spell.

What’s most disturbing about the scene is that co-creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that they researched that voodoo fertility treatment and came across “this insane, f***ed up spell that people do, that many celebrities have done.”

4. The Shower Scene

Kyle’s mom was overjoyed when her supposedly dead son showed up on her doorstep. Fans initially thought her joy was due to being reunited with her child, but that immediately changed when his mom ripped open the curtain while he was in the shower. An odd thing to do to your 20-something-year-old son, the moment was made even stranger when she remarked that his body was different.

5. Momma Knows How To Make You Happy

While the shower scene between Kyle and his mother definitely felt wrong, it could have been passed off as grief or an overbearing mother. However there was no excuse for what came next. Worried about her son after the accident and realizing that something is wrong, Kyle’s mom sits next to him on his bed and begins to kiss him … on the lips and all over his body. Kyle does not respond to his mother’s violating movement and her hands shortly after move south.

Episode 3, “The Replacements,” didn’t show Kyle’s mom actually having sex with her son, but that certainly wasn’t the last incestuous scene between the pair. After calling Zoe to invite her over for dinner, Kyle’s mom returned to tell her son that his friend is coming over. She then begins to grind up on her son, telling him that she knows how to please him. But Kyle snaps. Speaking his first word since coming back to life, Kyle yells “No” and begins to beat his mom to death with a trophy.

6. Minotaur Sex

Marie Laveau’s Minotaur boyfriend showed up at the Academy, presumably looking for Madame LaLaurie, but was instead met by a horny teenage virgin. Queenie, who said earlier in the episode that she was “saving herself,” met the Minotaur outside while LaLaurie hid inside.

Telling the Minotaur that they are a lot alike and just need love, Queenie proceeded to lift up her dress and masturbate in front of him. “Don’t you want to love me?” she asked him. And it seemed like the Minotaur might be into it … but then he came up behind her and put his hand over her mouth (not in the “that’s hot and kinky” way).

7. Cutting Madison’s Throat

After learning that she has cancer, Fiona appeared to be taking Madison under her wing and ready to pass on the Supreme title. Seeing herself in the young witch, Fiona whipped out the same blade she used to kill Anna Lee and told Madison that she has to step up and kill the old Supreme “for the sake of the Coven.” But Madison refuses to kill Fiona … so Fiona turns the blade and cuts Madison’s throat.

8. Not Caring About Cutting Madison’s Throat

Madison’s death initially looked like an accident due to an emotional struggle between the two. However Fiona’s distraught look over killing the young girl quickly faded and she told a watching Spalding to “bury her deep.”

9. **Bonus** -- Spalding’s Task

The disturbing content of season 3 looks like it will continue into episode 4, “Fearful Pranks Ensue.” The promo video for the upcoming episode shows Spalding “taking care” of the Madison situation by rolling the teen up in the carpet with her feet dangling out the end. Is he going to bury the young witch? Or do something worse? Anything is possible on “American Horror Story!”

Episode 4 of “American Horror Story: Coven” will air on FX next Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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