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Episode 9, "Head," will air on FX Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 10 p.m. Michele K. Short/FX

REDRUM! “American Horror Story: Coven” is all new on Wednesday, Dec. 11, with its midseason finale and viewers should be very afraid … because not everyone will make it out of the episode alive.

Episode 9, “Head,” will air on FX at 10 p.m., and according to E! Online, fans can expect at least two “major deaths.”

“One is pretty darn violent, while the other is hard to watch for very different reasons,” the site teases.

So far, “American Horror Story” has killed off Misty Day, Madison, Kyle, Myrtle, Spalding, Joan and (almost) Fiona. Out of all the characters, the only one who currently remains dead is Spalding, but he still appeared in episode 8 as a spirit to make Fiona throw up the deadly dose of pills she took.

While we don’t know who will kick the bucket in episode 9 (and if they’ll stay dead), we’ve got a couple of theories on who the unlucky victims could be:


After some serious thought, Queenie made the decision to side with Marie Laveau and her house of voodoo over the Coven. But what Queenie doesn’t know is that Marie Laveau hired Hank the witch hunter to take out all the witches in the Coven. Is Queenie safe from Hank since she sided with the voodoo? Or did Marie Laveau just lure her in to get Madame LaLaurie and hand her over to Hank?

Fans will have to wait and see what Marie Laveau has up her sleeves for Queenie, but in the meantime, she’s not safe from the Coven either. Despite Madison and Zoe trying to bring her back to Miss Robichaux’s, Cordelia has told the rest of the girls that Queenie is dead to them.


As we previously reported, “American Horror Story” viewers will get a chance to see Hank’s history through a flashback. A leaked synopsis teases that he’ll return to Cordelia and beg for forgiveness, but fans can’t forget that Marie Laveau gave him an ultimatum. Hank will reportedly be backed into a corner and he “takes extreme measures.” Perhaps one is to kill himself rather than face Marie Laveau’s wrath?


Since Hank appears to be just a little weasel, his meeting with Cordelia could go two ways. He could truly be begging for forgiveness from her, or he could be using that time to assassinate her.


Zoe is walking on thin ice around Madison … especially after Madison watched Kyle confess his love to Zoe. The former dead Hollywood starlet is used to getting what she wants and her jealousy might lead her to take out her competition for Kyle’s heart.


Kyle has definitely been put through the ringer. While it finally seems like he’s recovering from his traumatic death and return, he’s still in danger by hanging out with the witches at the Coven. Zoe proved in a former episode that she can’t (and doesn’t want to) kill Kyle, but Madison could be a different story. Since Madison watched Kyle profess his love to Zoe, she might no longer have a use for him.

Pembroke And Quentin

I wouldn’t call Pembroke and Quentin “major characters,” but E! did also tease “several minor” deaths as well. The Coven council members will find themselves face-to-face with Myrtle in an unexpected reunion since her burning at the stake. And according to the synopsis, their meeting “does not go well for them.”

Thanks to a recently leaked press release for episode 10, it sounds as if Madison, Misty Day, Fiona and Cordelia will be making it out alive … or revived. The press release teases that Fiona will try to out the new Supreme by using Stevie Nicks (who Misty Day is OBSESSED with). When the girls see all the power that comes with being the Supreme, they’ll fight with each other over the Supremecy … and Madison will try to eliminate her competition. Meanwhile, Cordelia will learn the truth about Hank and the witch hunters.

Episode 9, “Head,” airs on FX on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 10 p.m. The next episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” won’t air until Wednesday, Jan. 8.

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Fiona with Kyle in episode 9, "Head." Michele K. Short/FX
American Horror Story
Myrtle in episode 9, "Head." Michele K. Short/FX