“American Horror Story: Freak Show” came to a bloody end on Wednesday. The fourth installment of the FX miniseries concluded with a frightening massacre and a special ending for the star of it all – Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange). The writers did their best to wrap up story lines and tie everything up with a nice bow, however we still have some questions after the “Freak Show” finale:

1. Did Chester get arrested? Chester (Neil Patrick Harris) turned himself into the police in the episode prior to the finale. He confessed to killing someone and asked for the chair … but handed the police his doll. Did he get locked up in the crazy house?

2. What happened to mutant Stanley? Dandy (Finn Wittrock) went on a shooting spree and murdered almost everyone at the freak show. However, “American Horror Story” fans didn’t see mutant Stanley with a bullet in his head.

3. What did Dandy do with his mom’s body? The finale brought viewers back to the Mott household, and it was in much better shape than when we last left it. Dandy had previously sewn a second head onto his mom’s body and hung her up to play with. Gloria’s (Frances Conroy) body was noticeably missing when Dandy wed Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson) in his play room.

4. What did they do with Dandy’s body? Dandy drowned in the Houdini tank thanks to Desiree (Angela Bassett), Jimmy (Evan Peters) and the twins. But what happened to his body? It’s unclear if they just left him in the water to rot, or if they threw him in a shallow grave.

5. Whatever happened to that police officer who Dandy was paying? One of the Jupiter police officers was getting paid off by Dandy. Did he go looking for the psychotic rich boy? Or just shrug when he went missing.

6. Did Desiree get her surgery? The “American Horror Story: Freak Show” finale ended with Desiree and her husband, the traveling salesman she met while on stage, watching their two children run down the street. She got her happy ending – but does she still have her “dingaling” and three breasts?

7. How does the Bette, Dot And Jimmy relationship work? Jimmy was seemingly in a relationship with Dot … but what about Bette (Sarah Paulson)? The conjoined twin looked like she was just along for the ride while her sister got to have a loving relationship with Jimmy. The catch is that the twins were pregnant. Whose baby is it? Do the share mothering it? We have so many questions …

8. What do Bette, Dot and Jimmy do for a living now? Bette, Dot and Jimmy no longer have the freak show to rely on for money. Did Bette and Dot get Dandy’s money after they married him? Or did all of them get new jobs to support themselves?

9. Is Jimmy still wanted for the Tupperware party murder? “American Horror Story” fans can’t forget that Jimmy was wanted for murder. He was broken out of jail and forced to hide in a barn. Did the police stop looking for him? Did he change his name? Is he cleared of the murder charges?

10. Who buried the freaks in a mass grave? At the end of the finale Elsa learned that her beloved monsters had been buried in a mass grave. Who put them there? Either Desiree, Jimmy and the twins dumped their friends in the ground or the Jupiter police department did.

11. What happened to Del Toledo in the afterlife? Elsa was reunited with all her loved ones after her visit from Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley) – Ethel (Kathy Bates), Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge), Paul (Mat Fraser) and more. One person noticeably missing was Del Toledo (Michael Chiklis). Del did kill Ma Petite, which could be why he wasn’t with everybody. However, it’s important to remember that Elsa was responsible for Ethel’s death.

12. What happened to Maggie in the afterlife? Like Del, Maggie (Emma Roberts) was missing from the afterlife freak show.

13. Who are the freaks performing for? Do the freaks perform for the same crowd every night in the afterlife? And is the crowd dead like them? So many questions …