“American Horror Story”
One Reddit user believes they know how “American Horror Story” Season 6 will handle the addition of an “Asylum” character to the cast. FX

“American Horror Story” Season 6 is winding down but fans are still completely in the dark about what’s to come. What they do know, however, is that there are a number of characters that have yet to be introduced. On Halloween, co-creator Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter that a character from “Asylum” — Lana Winters — would appear in future episodes of the FX original series.

This reveal has kept viewers on the edge of their seats, awaiting the arrival of Sarah Paulson’s third character of the season. As of “Chapter 8,” Lana has not been featured, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about when she will join the cast.

One Reddit user has formulated an interesting theory about how Murphy will handle her introduction to the show. User ctuwallet24 believes that Lana, who was a well-known author and interviewer in Season 2 of “American Horror Story,” will play a part in telling Matt (André Holland) and Shelby’s (Lily Rabe) story. The theory states that Lana will write a book about the haunted farmhouse, which will later be adapted for TV. She will then be called in for an interview about the faux TV show, which could play out in the “American Horror Story” Season 6 finale.

“It suddenly hit me: Lana isn’t going to be interviewing the survivor. She is going to BE interviewed about the debut of the new Netflix series based on her final book, ‘Roanoke: One Man’s/Woman’s Story of Survival,’” ctuwallet24 theorized (Via Hello Giggles).

There are a number of facts that support the Reddit theory, though there has been no confirmation about it at this time. As ctuwallet24 points out, each episode after the episode 6 plot twist has been called a “chapter.” Additionally, this idea fits in with much of Lana’s Season 2 “Asylum” storyline and the two fictional books she had written at that point.

Lana isn’t the only character that has yet to make her Season 6 debut. In October, Murphy revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Taissa Farmiga would be returning to “American Horror Story” after several seasons away. He provided no details about who she would be playing in the show, but just the mention of her name peaked the interest of fans. Many believe they caught a glimpse of her in an episode 9 preview, though the face of the person in question was not shown. The assumption is largely based on the anonymous character, who appears to be a hiker who stumbles upon the farmhouse in an upcoming episode, having similar hair to the actress.

Another highly anticipated appearance was that of “American Horror Story” alum Finn Wittrock. He was not featured in the first half of Season 6. He was finally introduced in episode 7 as one of the Polk boys, though his tenure on this season of “American Horror Story” was brief. By episode 8 he had been killed off by Lee (Adina Porter), whom he was supposed to be keeping a watchful eye over while his mom (Frances Conroy) and other family members slowly ate her alive. Lee managed to get close to him, tricking him into untying her. It was then that she struck, delivering a hefty blow to his head.

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