American Pickers
Frank Fritz (L) and Mike Wolfe (R) return to the History Channel on Wednesday, May 6 for a brand new season of "American Pickers." History

Are you ready to get “junk drunk”? It’s been a couple weeks since History Channel viewers watched Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and Danielle Colby venture out for some good ol’ picking, but the trio behind the hit series “American Pickers” are set to return this Wednesday with a brand new season of rust, hoarding and odd characters.

When the new season premieres, Mike and Frank will be checking in on the Nashville location of their Antique Archeology store. And while the guys are always serious about digging up some hidden treasures, the trip won’t be all business – they’ll also be mixing in some fun when they meet up with Dan Auerbach, a member of “The Black Keys.” According to TV Guide, Dan has “plans” for Mike’s vintage Chet Atkins Gretsch guitar.

Later this season, fans of the unscripted series can watch as Mike and Frank venture to unknown territory – New Mexico. But will New Mexico be a pickers dream? Or will they drive away with an empty truck? Other upcoming highlights include a “Star Wars” themed pick, and some super rare classic cars.

Catch up on some of Mike, Frank and Daniel’s “picking” terminology before the season premieres:

“Pickers” – “Pickers” are folks that go searching for old treasures. They can be found in abandoned garages, homes of collectors, forgotten stores, etc. “Pickers” will either buy these items for their own collection, or sell them, like Frank and Mike.

“Rusty Gold” – It might not be real gold, but it’s definitely worth something – whether it be rare or sentimental.

“Free-Styling” – Danielle sets up places and people for Mike and Frank to visit, but sometimes the guys also go “free-styling.” That means that they have no set destination, and no appointment in place to meet with someone.

“Honey Hole” – A pick can turn into a “honey hole” if Mike and Frank are able to purchase “amazing” items. But that doesn’t mean the location has to be overflowing with items.

“Mega-pick” – Like a “honeyhole,” things can quickly shift into a “mega-pick” when Mike and Frank are able to make deals on a high volume and wide assortment of items.

“Junk Drunk” – According to Mike, “junk drunk” is when you’re up to your neck in junk. “You take a whiff of that and your eyes adjust and you see through the dirt, the grease and the oil, and all of a sudden you realize … I’m junk drunk.”

“Bundle” – When you negotiate a cheaper price on items when buying in bulk.

Catch the “American Pickers” Season 8 premiere on the History Channel on Wednesday, May 6 at 9 p.m. EDT. Watch Mike and Frank explain some picking lingo below: