Alan Beiler, a star in Discovery Channel’s “Amish Mafia” show, was sentenced to prison and could end up spending anywhere between three to 23 months in jail, after he led the police on a chase when they tried to stop him for an expired car registration, Associated Press reported.

Thirty five-year-old Beiler, a resident of Lancaster County, Pa., was sentenced, on Thursday, to the Perry County Prison for eluding troopers.

The sentence stems from an incident back in July 2012 when, the actor and producer of the popular quasi-reality show, took state troopers on a long chase and it caused a trooper to crash his vehicle, resulting in a concussion, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported.

At the time, a Pennsylvania State Trooper tried to pull over Beiler for driving his 2004 Jeep Liberty with an expired registration. But, instead of stopping, he drove toward an oncoming traffic lane, nearly ramming into five other vehicles on the way.

The chase ended when the state trooper crashed his vehicle, but officials later tracked down Beiler using the license plate number of his vehicle. Officials found marijuana, painkillers and anti-anxiety medication when they searched his vehicle, and in May 2013, he pleaded guilty for possessing drugs, eluding police and driving with a suspended license, Harrisburg Patriot-News reported, citing court documents.

Beiler, who is black and was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., moved to the Amish community in Lancaster County when he was a boy. He was later adopted by an Amish family, from where he learned their customs and traditions, which has helped him to act as a go-between for Amish and non-Amish communities, the Daily Mail reported.

“Amish Mafia” that stars Alan Beiler, portrays the efforts of a group of men to protect the Amish community in Pennsylvania's Lancaster County.