Police have arrested Ammar Harris, the suspected murderer who has been the subject of a multi-state manhunt since three deaths last week. A SWAT team in the Los Angeles area took Harris into custody on Thursday afternoon, according to Fox 5 Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office also confirmed the news.

Harris, 26, was named by three witnesses who claimed to be in a car with him on the Las Vegas strip Feb. 21, when Harris allegedly shot Ken Cherry Jr., a self-promoted rapper driving a Maserati. When Cherry was shot he lost control of his car, sending his Maserati crashing into a taxi cab, which then burst into flames. Cab driver Michael Boldon, 62, and passenger Sandi Sutton-Wasmund, 48, were both killed and five others were injured.

Police spent days looking into Harris’ online persona.  

Las Vegas police Capt. Chris Jones told the Associated Press that police are worried about the safety of the witnesses but, so far, only Harris has a warrant out for his arrest. At least five other people were injured in the crash last week.

“There is no other person wanted in this case other than Harris,” Jones said. “No one else faces charges.”

Investigators have been especially irked by Harris because of the self-described pimp’s Internet taunts. In a YouTube video – reposted below – Harris recorded himself wearing a red baseball hat and sifting through a stack of $100 bills. At one point in the video he asks the audience to “help me count something.”

“I could keep going, I could keep going but like, I don’t feel like counting anymore,” he said in the clip. “I got another bag. But I think I proved my (expletive) point.”

Investigator Bill Cassell told the Associated Press before the arrest that he wouldn’t comment on the contents of the video, although he assumed the bravado would convince the public to help stop Harris from bragging about being a murder suspect.

“I’m sure the widespread publicity, as well as the blatant, heinous nature of the crime, is motivating people to contact us,” Cassell said.