• A new "Among Us" mod makes the game even more interesting to play
  • The new mod gives Impostors power over four different elements
  • The mod isn't available to all players at the moment

InnerSloth’s “Among Us” is already a cool game, with Impostors having mad skills that they can use to eliminate Crewmates, and Crewmates having the ability to call for Emergency Meetings to report who they think the Impostor is. A new mod aims to take the game to another level – by giving the Impostor even more tricks to use.

A new “god mod” created by modders Sub and Fletch gives Impostors elemental powers that can be used to make running away and hiding an even more important priority for Crewmates.

The mod, popularized by YouTuber InquisitorMaster, retains the game’s simple mechanics but adds a few interesting touches to make “Among Us” more interesting.

The mod, spotted by ScreenRant, lets Impostors have four elemental skills at their disposal. These elements – water, wind, lightning and fire – result in the Impostors having the ability to encase Crewmates in water, slow them down with winds, cripple them with lightning shocks or instantly kill them by burning them with fire.

Of the four skills, only the fire element is able to kill Crewmates. The other skills, shown at the bottom-left part of the screen, only work to impede their movement so they are not able to escape the Impostor and hit the Emergency Meeting button to report the murders they have seen in various places in the game’s maps.

Among Us Among Us Photo: InnerSloth

The four elemental powers come as an addition to the skills that Impostors already have at their disposal.

This means Impostors can still Sabotage certain things to make it harder for Crewmates to win. They can Kill Crewmates normally and with a countdown before moving on to the next kill. Moreover, they can still fast-travel via the vents scattered across the maps.

The new powers make Impostors even more menacing than they already are. Despite that, ScreenRant noted that as seen in InquisitorMaster’s videos, Crewmates still tend to win rounds, indicating some sort of balance regardless of the new powers.

That said, the mod is only accessible to InquisitorMaster and whoever the modders provide access to. They might make it available in the future, but until then, players can watch videos showing how it works – while hoping that it does see a release in the near future.

Check out a game of “Among Us” with the mod below.