• "Among Us" players continue to find new ways to enjoy the game
  • One of these ways come via a new "Sheriff" mod
  • The Sheriff will be able to kill Impostors by shooting them

“Among Us” continues to enjoy a massive fanbase, especially now that it runs on different platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. With its simplistic gameplay, however, fans are always looking for new ways to enjoy InnerSloth’s multiplayer deduction game. One of the ways they do this is by introducing new game modes and mods – such as the new “Sheriff” mod.

The new Sheriff mod adds a whole new dimension to “Among Us.” While players are only divided into two roles – the deadly Impostors and the innocent Crewmates – in the original gameplay mechanics, the new mod adds a character that makes the game even: the Sheriff.

Per the mod’s developer, a player who goes by the name Woodi-dev, players are able to kill Impostors by shooting them. If the Sheriff successfully kills all Impostors in every round, he or she wins the game.

Sheriffs look like all other players in the game, which means Impostors will also have to guess who they are. With the addition of the Sheriff in the game, Impostors now have additional goals. Aside from killing off Crewmates, they will also have to kill Sheriffs before they are eliminated by them. The pressure is higher for Impostors this time around.

The addition of Sheriffs in the game also makes it easier for Crewmates in every round because they will technically have an ally in their fight to survive against the Impostors while they complete their tasks. Sheriffs and Crewmates can team up to eliminate the Impostors.

While the Sheriff appears to add bonuses to the Crewmates, there are some caveats as well.

  • First, Sheriffs can make a mistake and kill Crewmates instead of their actual target. When that happens, the Sheriff “will lose his life instead.” In other words, one mistake on the Sheriff’s part and they lose their life in the game.
  • Second, Sheriffs can be ejected just like innocent Crewmates. This means they must do all they can to convince other players that they must not be ejected until the round is won.

The new Sheriff mod can be downloaded here, as per ScreenRant. It comes after other mods, such as the “Jester” mod that lets players want to get ejected to win the game, as well as a mod that lets a “Doctor” revive slain Crewmates.

Woodi-dev's new "Sheriff" mod for "Among Us." Woodi-dev / GitHub