• "Among Us" has a mod that gives crewmate a special ability
  • This ability allows a crewmate to cast a single vote that counts twice
  • Here's how to install and play the "Among us" Mayor Mod

"Among Us" has a lot of fan-made custom mods and mini-games, and most of them give players interesting abilities and powers. The Mayor Mod is one of these, and it gives one crewmate the power to vote that counts twice. Here are the important details "Among Us" players should learn on how to download, install and play the Mayor mod.

How To Download and Install the Mayor Mod

Content creator Socksfor1 is responsible for the concept of the Mayor role. The mod was developed by tomozbot and is now available for all on Github. It is important to note that mods are usually available for PC players, and using mods entails some risks. Before installing any mods, players should back up their game files.

To download the "Among Us" Mayor Mod, players should get the files from tomozbot on Github. After that, they need to extract the contents with the help of 7Zip or Winrar. Next is locating the folder for the game, which could be easily done by opening Steam, navigating to Library, and right-clicking "Among Us." Players then need to navigate to Manage and select Browse Local Files. After that, they need to move the extracted mod files into the game's root folder and launch it.

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How To Play

The "Among Us" Mayor mod follows the gameplay of the social deduction title. However, one of the crewmates will become the Mayor, and his vote counts twice. While it is not like other mods that give players the ability to fly or pass through walls, the Mayor's vote is a powerful tool to remove impostors from the game.

The Mayor, however, has a target on his back if impostors know his identity. It is a good strategy to conceal the identity of the mayor for as long as possible. The Mayor is still vulnerable to death, and impostors can kill him anytime if he is not careful.

If a player becomes the Mayor, there are two ways in which he could play the mod. One is by hiding around the map and staying safe for as long as possible. The other is by announcing his identity and seek protection from fellow crewmates.