London officials will be launching a new inquest into the death of singer Amy Winehouse next month, following claims that the coroner who oversaw her autopsy was not qualified, according to authorities, the Huffington Post reported.

The singer died in July 2011 of an apparent accidental alcohol poisoning, assistant deputy coroner, Suzanne Greenaway, concluded during an original inquest in October of that year. However, authorities have suggested that Greenaway did not have the proper qualifications to perform the autopsy, several reports said.

Greenaway was appointed an assistant deputy coroner in 2009 by her husband, Andrew Reid. Greenaway resigned in November 2011 after it was discovered that she had not been registered as a U.K. lawyer for five years, as per the rules, despite having practiced law for 10 years in her native Australia, according to the authorities in interviews.

Reid resigned from his position as coroner for inner north London earlier this month amid the scandal.

Camden Council announced that the new inquest has been scheduled for Jan. 8.

"The inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse had not technically been heard," the Council said in a statement.

Chris Goodman, a spokesman for the Winehouse family, said Monday that the family is not involved with the new inquest.

Authorities noted that among the evidence suggesting that Winehouse's death was, in fact, due to accidental alcohol poisoning, included reports from a pathologist, the security guard who found her, and a detective who reported three empty vodka bottles in her bedroom; authorities have said that a second inquest may not yield different results.