Remember Amy’s Baking Company? Well, the Arizona restaurant, which has become one of America’s most notorious eateries, is set to make its second debut on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s hit Fox show “Kitchen Nightmares,” the Associated Press reports.

For the premiere of the seventh season of the reality show, viewers will see owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo get paid a second visit from Ramsay in the episode "Amy's Baking Company, Part Two," which will air Feb. 28. For those who missed the shenanigans that went down the first time around, the network will air the original episode on Feb. 21. The owners of the Scottsdale restaurant were shown yelling at unhappy customers and apparently stealing their employees' tips.

“Kitchen Nightmares” is supposed to be a show about Ramsay, 47, helping struggling restaurants, but all the Bouzaglos and the chef did was argue. Normally the Scottish celebrity chef helps make over a failing restaurant, but the three bickered so much that Ramsay left before the remodeling could be done, a first for the show.

Last week, German tourist and chef Markus Barthel filed a lawsuit against Ramsay after he claimed he cut his tongue and damaged his sense of taste on a burger from one of the celebrity chef’s restaurants in Midtown Manhattan, the New York Daily News wrote. Barthel said when he bit down on the burger he sliced his tongue on a “sharp object” while dining at The London.

Amy Bouzaglo quickly took to her Facebook page when she heard the news about Ramsay being sued. "It is called KARMA!” the outspoken baker wrote. “This is what happens when you attack innocent hardworking people and accuse them of crimes they do not commit! Karma Mr. Ramsay! We are not the ones who are being sued. You are! And we will not be silenced from speaking the TRUTH, Not until our name is cleared and the WORLD finds out what you have done.”

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