Anderson Cooper threatented to fire some of his staff on on Monday after a picture of him at 9-years of age appeared during a report on Justin Bieber being called a brat on by a cast member of CSI.

Cooper is seen wearing what appears to be a fuzzy purpole hat and purple top.

Did we just put a picture of me when I was like nine years-old on 'To Tell the Truth?' about Justin Bieber being a brat, are you saying I'm a brat? he asked a reporter relaying the story.

I'm being told in the control room it was a technical glitch, I don't believe that for a second... I'm not hearing anything, I'm just thinking about people I'm gonna fire.

Cooper explained that in the clip, he was pretending to be Wally Norden, a bear trainer.

We'll get back to you in a little bit. We'll try to get this 'technical thing' worked out. And by worked out I mean we'll place our old people.