Andrew Giuliani is following in the political footsteps of his father and former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani by running for the state's governor in 2022, but he’s already facing backlash and strong opposition from residents who don’t want to see him in that seat.

Andrew Giuliani, 35, has never held an elected office position but worked with former President Donald Trump as a Special Assistant and as the Associate Director of the Office of Public Liaison in 2017, his campaign website states.

While he has told the Washington Examiner that he believes he has a good shot at winning, many residents took exception to the claim.

“Outside of anybody named Trump, I think I have the best chance to win and take the state back, and I think there's an opportunity in 2022 with a wounded Democratic candidate, whether it's going to be Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo, whether it's going to be a radical [Attorney General] Letitia James, whether it's going to be a no-name lieutenant governor, I think there's a very, very real chance to win,” Andrew Giuliani said.

The former political analyst for Newsmax TV also said he aided in saving American jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic by helping create the Paycheck Protection Program with the Department of Treasury.

In September 2020, the New York Post reported that Andrew Giuliani was weighing a run for mayor of New York City. He decided not to run in a field devoid of a serious Republican challenger.

Rudy Giuliani served as mayor of New York from 1994 until the end of 2001. He had previously served as the U.S. Associate Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. In recent years, Rudy Giuliani served as Trump’s personal lawyer during his presidency. On April 29, the FBI raided his New York apartment.

In 2009, Rudy Giuliani decided not to run for governor of New York after a failed bid for the White House in 2008.

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